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Frequently asked questions and answers to them will be added to this page.

Personal study plan

What do I need to do if I have the following problems with my Sisu study plan
  • Content related
  • Why there is a certain structure in the degree program's structure according to which I'm making my study plan
  • How to put my old studies to the Sisu study plan
  • How to plan my studies
  • You have send your study plans study modules for approval and you are waiting for answer
  • My study right (program or major) is not correct in Sisu  
  • Sisu says I don't have study right (for example master)
  • If you have started your studies earlier and you don't know which curriculum period to choose when creating a new study plan in Sisu

In all these cases contact your school's /programme's student services. Look for programme's Into pages for contact information:

What is Free edit mode in Sisu study plan

It is a function where you can suggest changes to your study plan (e.g. if you have received an exemption). Changes always require an approval

The Free edit mode can be found in the study plan's selection assistant. The selection assistant wil appear when you click the different headers of your study plan. Free edit mode can be found at every hierarchy level of the study plan. ​

See instructions: Applying for approval and Free edit mode

What do I need to do if I have modules deleted in my study plan

Some changes were made to the degree program's structure during last yearYou need to create a new study plan and select it as a primary plan. The degree program's structure changes were made due to technical reasons. 

If I have already graduted as a bachelor do I need to do the study plan for a bachelor's degree in Sisu?

You don't need to fill in the bachelor's part in your Sisu study plan if you have already graduated as a bachelor. You can do only the master's degree part of your study plan.

I can't see all my completed credits in my Sisu study plan or add them to it

All completed credits should be in Sisu at the latest in April 2021. 

Due to technical issues, some of the credits have been transfered to Sisu as individual studies and for that reason they do not appear on the left side "Add to the plan" tab nor as completed in study plan. 
These studies can added to the study plan by choosing the module and free edit. In the assistant window on the right you can find "Add a course you have already completed" title. See detailed instructions at Applying for approval and Free edit mode#Freeeditmode

I'm a doctoral student and have completed all required credits and my study plan has been confirmed ("opintojen vahvistaminen"). Do I need to do something in the new Sisu system?

Yes you do if you will not graduate by 24.5.2021. Create a study plan on Sisu according confirmed study plan and ask for approval.

Course registrations

Does my study plan need to be approved before I can register for courses?​

No, approval of the study plan is not required for course registration in Sisu.

How can I complete extra studies, if the courses need to be in my study plan in order to register for them?​

You can add extra studies to the electives in the study plan or change the courses in the electives. If you add more courses to the electives than there should be, the status of the study plan might be "selections against the rules". However, this does not stop you from registering for the course. For graduation you need to make a finished study plan.

I am a doctoral student. Where in my study plan can I add extra studies?​

Doctoral students will also have study module where they can include extra studies. This will be established during June 2021.

If I register for a course which has a limited number of seats, can I see my place in the line for the course in Sisu?​

Unfortunately not, you can only see an estimate in Sisu about if you would be getting a place in the course if the registration would end at that particular moment

Can course registrations be archived in Sisu like in WebOodi?

Unfortunately not and this affects the view in MyCourses. However, you can filter the view of your courses in MyCourses.

Can I remove the course from my study plan when I'm still in the process of completing the course?​

This is not recommended, as by keeping the course in the study plan until you have completed it and gotten graded ensures that the completed course is registered succesfully in Sisu.

Graduation and degree certificates

Do I need to have my study plan approved before requesting for graduation in Sisu?

In Sisu the study plan is not approved in full. There can be study modules in your study plan that you have to get approved before requesting for graduation in Sisu.

When do I get my degree certificate when graduating on 28.6.2021 or 30.7.2021?

The degree certificates can be received after the service disruption due to Oodi-Sisu exchange. The service disruption is on 31.7.-8.8.2021.

I can't find the graduation instructions concerning Sisu practices in Into

The instructions regarding practices with Sisu are updated during spring 2021.

How do I apply the Master's program study right in Sisu?

At moment it is not possible to inform in Sisu to which master's program or major you would like to continue after bachelor's studiesThe notification procedure will be done outside Sisu and there will be more information during spring 2021You cannot apply for master's program study right in Sisu if there is separate applying process

Where can I see that I have graduated as a Bachelor

When the degree is confirmed in Sisu you can see the Bachelor's study right as "completed" in your study plan and there is a graduation leaf icon in your study right.If your degree is confirmed in Oodi and transferred to Sisu you can only see the graduation leaf icon in your study right.

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