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Creating a study plan is required for the first year students of every Aalto degree programme as of autumn 2018. If you have started your studies prior to that, please contact your school's Student service desk.

Enrolment to courses and exams is done in WebOodi, not in Sisu. Degree programmes structures, study guides and other instructions for students can be found in Into.

If you have any questions, please contact your own school's Student service desk.

Please note that creating a personal study plan does not require separate saving.


How to create a new study plan

Start by clicking Structure of studies in the top banner.


Choose New study plan (note: The screenshot is of a situation in which a student already has a plan. It is also captured in the test environment).


Choose a correct Education as a template for your study plan. If you are not sure which one to choose, please contact your own school's Student service desk.
Choose Curriculum period. The curriculum period can be at the earliest that academic year when your study right has begun.
Give a name for your plan. The system offers My study plan and plan's creation date as default. If you want, you can change the name at this point.                                                  


2. You can create several study plans and test different selections.

Only one study plan per study right can be primary. It is that study plan according to which you complete your studies. 

You can change your study plan as primary in the study plan's Structure of studies site. In the study plan, click button with three dots in the top right corner and choose Make primary.


Selecting the right study programme and major in your study plan

The study programme and major for which you have your study right are selected in your study plan. Please contact the Learning Services of your school, if you have questions about your study right or if you suspect there being any incorrect data in Sisu. 

You may have several different major programmes and major to choose from after graduating from a bachelor programme in the Aalto University. Please see this information on Into:

Continuing studies in a different school of technology after a Bachelor's degree

Continuing studies in a master's programme after completing the Bachelor's programme in Design

Continuing studies in a master's programme after completing the Bachelor's programme in Economics

If you have already received a study right for a programme or major (or if a programme/major doesn't require a formal approval), you can select this programme/major in your study plan. 

If the programme or major you want to choose is not available in your study plan, please contact the Learning Services of your school, so a missing programme can be added for you. 

Making several versions and selecting your primary study plan

  1. You can make several different study plans and try out different choices.
    1. Only one study plan per education can be a primary study plan. Primary study plan is the one you are following in your studies. 
    2. The you are working on a study plan you can also select that particular study plan as your primary study plan. Press the button with three dots on the right upper corner and choose Select as a primary study plan.

c. The study plan is approved according to your school's process, please contact the Learning Services of your school if needed.

d. You can only ask guidance for study plans that correspond to your study right.

Making selections in your study plan

In the degree structure click a section's heading to see the section's contents and a selection assistant. Only after clicking the heading you can see the studies available and select studies. 

The chosen heading turns into blue and the selection assistant will open on the right hand side.  

a. The selection assistant shows the selection rules related to the study module. The selection assistant also guides you to make right selections, e.g. select still 1 section or select 20 cr.

4. The selection is made by clicking the white circle selector in the selection assistant.

The circle moves to the other side and the selector turns into blue when the selection has been made. The selected course or study module is shown also under the selections and there is a delete button beside it.



a. You can change the selection by clicking another course or study module. You can delete the selection by clicking the trash bin icon.

b. The selections are saved automatically right away. The selections are done the same way when you select a single course or a study module, e.g. minor subject.

c. Compulsory courses and study modules are already in the structure and you can't delete them from the structure, unless you use the free edit mode.

5. There can also be a 'search' function available in the selection assistant: Find courses by name or by code or Find study modules by name or by code.

You can then search and add any Aalto University courses or study modules to your study plan, for example optional courses or minor subjects. In addition to Into, courses are found under


6. By clicking the study modules heading you can see the module's status. The status indicates whether you have selected the right amount of studies to the study module.

When the study module status is selections done, all the necessary selections have been made:

The study module's status is selections missing when you have selected too few credits or some selections have not been made:

If the amount of selected studies exceeds the study module's maximum credits then the status is selections against the rules:

If you need to apply for approval (see instructions) either on a study module level or on a degree programme level, the status is approval required.

Courses with varying extent

If the course in your personal study plan is with varying extent (e.g. 1-10 ECTS), you can confirm the extent on the Completion methods tab in the course info sheet.

Click the course code, and you can open the course info sheet. Select the Completion methods tab. Select the extent by choosing method (Method 1, Method 2 etc.).

Confirm the method by clicking Select this completion method button at the end of the table. The extent is now confirmed in you personal study plan.

Course substitutions

If a course has substitutions (i.e. other courses that substitute it), it is shown in the course info sheet. Substituting courses are shown in your study plan normally and you don't need the guidance function.

You can check the substitution info in the course by doing the following:

In your study plan click the course code. You are taken to the course info sheet that has section Equivalences on the Substitutions tab. You can select a substituting course here.

No separate saving is needed, but please check that it succeeded. Opposite arrows indicate substitution. NB! All courses have not informed substitutions like this but in a free text field. In such a case you should apply for the substitution in the free edit mode.

NB! You can only send applications in the free edit mode and considering study plans which require approval to study plans which correspond to your study right.

Adding planned studies from other universities in your study plan

  1. If you are planning to complete studies in other universities besides the Aalto University, you can add these studies in your study plan as a study draft. Select the study module in which you want to add a study draft and press the button Add a study draft. Fill the required information and press Add.

    1. After completing these studies, don't apply for approval of these studies in Sisu. Please apply for credit transfer according to Aalto University's own instructions.
    2. After the studies you have completed have been registered in Oodi, you can add these studies in your study plan from the Add to the plan menu on the left. When you have added the completed studies in your study plan, you can delete the study draft. 
  2. If you plan to complete studies in another university that uses Sisu (University of Helsinki, University of Tampere, University of Jyväskylä or Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT), you can add studies from those universities in your study plan. 
    1. Search for studies on the Search tab and switch Aalto University for another university in the menu. Add your chosen course the the course cart and add it after that to your study plan from the Add to the plan menu on the left.

  1. All of the afore-mentioned universities don't use Sisu as their primary study information system yet, so the information at Sisu may still change. Please make sure you have the correct information about the studies you want to complete by contacting the university in question when applying for those studies. 
  2. Adding studies from another university in your study plan don't give you the right to complete those studies. Please apply for the study right separately. 

How the completed studies are shown in your study plan

  1.  When you have completed a course you can see a bay leaf and grading in the course section.


2. You can see credit summaries of the selected and completed studies in the study module. 


a. If the study module has been completed, its status will change to parts completed. Your study module will be put together in Oodi.

3. On the left side of the study module view, you can find Add to the plan listing. There you can find those completed studies which don't have planned place in your study plan. You will also find the possible courses on your course cart and enrolments. You can open the listing by clicking Add to the plan text.  

    1. You can add e.g. completed studies to your study plan. Choose a course and click Add to the plan icon. The places in the study structure, where you can place this course, will be highlighted. The course is placed to the desired section by using the selection assistant.
    2. If you can't add for example a course you have completed to the desired section in your study plan this way, please use the free edit mode.

Changing the curriculum period in your master's level study plan, when you have completed your bachelor's degree in Aalto

If you are completing/have completed your bachelor's degree in Aalto, when you create your study plan in Sisu, you choose the bachelor's and master's degree that you have the study right in as your education in Sisu. You might have created your bachelor level study plan when you first started studying towards your bachelor's degree according to the curriculum period which was ongoing then. When you start your master's studies, you might want to change the curriculum period in your master's level study plan to a newer curriculum period, according to which you will start studying towards your master's degree.

Here's how you can change the curriculum period of your master's level study plan in Sisu:

Under the name of your study plan you see the curriculum period that you have in your study plan. The curriculum period is the same in both bachelor's level and master's level plans in this case, as they are in the same education structure in Sisu.

By clicking the code of your master's programme (under the name of your master's programme) you can change the curriculum period of the master's programme in your study plan.

In the window that opens, you'll see which curriculum period is in use in your study plan and by clicking the arrow next to it you can change the curriculum period.

You will get a banner on top of the screen, which says "You are viewing a version of the study module that is not in your plan. Use this version." Click the link "use this version".

You'll see an announcement according to the picture above and you can choose if you want to change the curriculum period and copy the study plan (in this case Sisu makes a copy of the study plan, so your original study plan remains unchanged) or just change the curriculum period without copying the plan.

After you have changed the curriculum period of your master's level study plan, you'll get the study modules according to the curriculum period that you have chosen to your study plan's structure. You don't see the curriculum period of your master's level study plan otherwise, but you can always check it by clicking the code of your master's programme in your study plan. The curriculum period of your bachelor's level study plan remains unchanged, as you have only changed the curriculum period of your master's level plan.

How to edit, print and delete your study plan

1. You can edit your study plan, print it and delete the plan. Once you have deleted the study plan it cannot be restored. 

a. You can find the edit, print and delete functions on the Stucture of studies page's top right hand corner under the button with three dots (next to the Create a new plan button).

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