Liisa Horelli, PhD Adjunct professor, Environmental Psychology, Aalto University, School of Engineering,Research Group in Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering, Department of Built Environment, P.O.Box 14100, (Otakaari, 4), 00076 Aalto University, Finland

Tel. +358509178927
E-mail: Liisa.Horelli(at)

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Liisa Horelli is Adjunct Professor (docent) and environmental psychologist who conducts research and supervises PhD students at Aalto University, on participatory e-planning and smart cities. Currently, she is interested in the integration of the blue-green infrastructure in the so called Expanded urban planning (see Wallin et al. 2021).  Recently, Dr. Horelli was Visiting professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Designing for Smart (and Wise) Cities.  She consults in gender and environmental issues from the perspective of diversity and psychosocial inclusion. Her latest projects and publications deal with time planning, the co-creation of services and gendering Smart Cities. Dr. Horelli has also carried out several evaluations and is the former President of the Finnish Evaluation Society (FES) and board member of the European Evaluation Society.

Dr. Horelli studied at the University of Helsinki and took a masters degree in liberal arts and languages in 1966. She worked for a decade as a freelance journalist and as the Head of International Radio Office at the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Later on she conducted post-graduate studies in environmental psychology and took her doctoral degree at the Helsinki University of Technology, in 1993. She has written extensively in academic and popular journals about gender and inter-generational issues, evaluation, and the user approach in technology development and regional/spatial planning. She has authored and co-authored two boooks on Environmental psychology.

Since 2004 Dr. Horelli has conducted research on participatory time and e-planning as well as community informatics-assisted development (Smart cities from bottom-up), funded by both the European Social Funds, TEKES and the Finnish Academy.
In 1998-2003 Dr. Horelli worked as an Academy Research Fellow, conducting research on an interdisciplinary research programme called "Children and Young People as developers of Human-friendly Environments".
In 1997-1998 Dr. Horelli co-ordinated EuroFEM - Gender and Human Settlements network project belonging to the EU 4th Action Programme on Equal Opportunities between Women and Men. An international conference was arranged in Hämeenlinna, Finland , in 1998.
At the UN, HABITAT II Human Settlement conference in Istanbul, in1996, Dr. Horelli organised two global teleconferences, one with the representatives of UNDP, and another one with NGOs from Asia, Africa, South-America, North America and Europe. The event, called Listen to local voices, provided opportunities for local women to have an on-line dialogue with their representatives at the conference.

In 1992-1996 Dr. Horelli consulted on evaluation strategies The National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health in Finland (NAWH), which has been involved with various EU DG XIII Tide-projects. Dr. Horelli has participated as an expert in several selections of EU proposals (TIDE selection, February 1996, the ERDF Article 10, New sources of employment, March 1996, and Terra programme on European Spatial Planning, September 1996; Recite II in 1997; Ecos-Ouverture in 1998 and 1999).


My hobbies are: composing music ( ), tennis, salsa, cinema, literature, family (four children, nine grand-children) and friends. I also like languages. Besides Finnish, I am fluent in Swedish, English and French. I even get by in Italian, Spanish, German and Russian.

Articles in international referee journals and scientific compilations

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Scientific monographies in Finnish

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Other scientific publications in Finnish

Horelli, Liisa (2008) Aikapolitiikasta voimavaroja. Sosiaaliturva. 9,/08, 20-21.

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Horelli, L. (2002) Kulosaari lasten paratiisi. Kulosaaari - children¿s paradise. Julk. M. Sarantola-Weiss (Toim.) Kulosaari - Brändö, koti ja kapunginosa - hem och stadsdel. Keuruu: Kulosaaren Kotiseuturahaston säätiö, ss. 163-179.

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Participatory Local Communities (palco)

Valtavirtaan / Mainstreaming

ARJA: Arjen ajan hallinta

Favourite sayings

"Life is but a bridge, don´t build your house on it" (Indian proverb)
"Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas" (Pascal)
"Odi et amo, quare id faciam, fortasse requiris, Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior" (Catullus)
"Vivez, si m´en croyez, n´attandez à demain, cueillez des aujourd´hui les roses de la vie" (Ronsard)
"Change is the nursery of music, joy, life and eternity" (Donne)
"Ich möchte alles haben, was gut, ächt und schön ist!" (Mozart)
"Älä sano, että lähden huomenna, sillä tänäänkin olen yhä tulossa. Katso tarkasti: koko ajan tulossa, silmuksi kevätoksille, haurassiipiseksi pikkulinnuksi - laulamaan vasta opettelen, perhosentoukaksi kukan sydämeen, timantiksi kiven kätköön. " (Thich Nath Hanh)


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