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Application programming interface for the course portal Noppa at Aalto University

General overview

Aalto University provides an open application programming interface (API) for the course portal Noppa to be used in study, exercises and research projects. The interface is also suitable for service and programming projects that aim to further the availability of open course information and to increase the expertise in the use of open interfaces.

In the first phase, the interface is provided as a development environment, where public data will be updated once a day, during 6.00-6.10 the interface is out of service. In the development environment, the links to the materials in the course portal Noppa are disabled.

The course portal Noppa

The course portal Noppa is a handy tool for both students and teaching staff of Aalto University for everyday course work and communication. Noppa is composed of course home pages that include e.g. course overviews, schedules and exercises, course materials, information about assignments and exams, news and results. Noppa can be found at http://noppa.aalto.fi.

Open REST interface for the course portal Noppa

The interface is developed according to the REST model (HTTP GET) and the data is returned in XML or JSON format. The interface description is provided in a separate document. The logic for using the interface is also described in an example application (http://noppa-api-dev.aalto.fi/client/). The documentation and the example application are provided only in English. The development environment also contains the Noppa user interface (http://noppa-api-dev.aalto.fi/noppa/) that enables you to compare your application data to the development environment data.

The interface requires a user key. Please, send an email titled as api-key to noppa(a)aalto.fi to receive the key.

Terms of use

You accept and agree to be bound by these terms of use when you start using the user key. These terms only apply to information provided by the course portal Noppa API. These terms apply only to links but not the content provided on the linked site. Terms of using the linked material are to be negotiated separately.

You have the right to:

  • share: copy, distribute, display and present information
  • remix: produce altered works on the basis of the information
  • use this information for non-commercial and commercial purposes

on these terms:

  • Specify that Aalto University is the administrator of the information provided by the interface.
  • The provider of the course portal Noppa interface is not held responsible or liable for the accuracy or correctness of the information provided by the interface. Users of the interface use the information at their own risk. Aalto University is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the information. Aalto University is also not liable for any damages caused by breaks in operation, function or the documentation describing the course portal Noppa interface. Aalto University reserves the right to terminate the interface without informing the users of the interface. Aalto University also has a right to terminate an individual access right if necessary, for example, because the usage causes extensive overload or the service is used incorrectly.
  • The names of Aalto University or the course portal Noppa may not be used to name, endorse or promote products or services based on the interface data without prior written permission from Aalto University.

The material provided by interface is free of charge.

Using the interface and giving feedback

We would like to hear feedback on the interface and learn about your experiences of its use in studies and projects. Please send your questions, development ideas and feedback to noppa(a)aalto.fi.