Training descriptions and timetables at Workday Learning

Teacher services team supports teachers to develop their own teaching and in their use of digital learning tools - MyCourses, Turnitin, Panopto, Zulip and others. Versatile use of learning environments and tools can help teachers activate students and support their learning. In addition to training and workshops, we offer teachers personal consultation and support.

Our specialist are also available to facilitate workshops and demonstrations for Aalto departments and groups. You can ask for a workshop on for example

  • Flipped classroom pedagogy: plan your course or parts of it flipped classroom style. Students prepare for your class by reading articles or watching videos and making tests. You can use contact time .
  • Activating mass courses: how to activate students, how to use automatic grading
  • Thesis seminar: Plan a seminar to support your students process, using MyCourses and Panopto. Enhance student
  • Collaboration and peer review: how to enhance collaboration and group work in your course
  • Supervising thesis with Turnitin.

Any of the workshops listed above can be tailored to meet your topics and needs. Request a workshop by contacting us at mycourses@aalto.fi

Book your session with a digispecialist

You can also book a 30-minute online session with our digispecialist, if you you are puzzled by e.g. how to use different activities in MyCourses or how to use videos in your teaching. You can get support with anything related to remote teaching.

Enroll to this MyCourses workspace and book online appointment with a specialist: https://mycourses.aalto.fi/course/info.php?id=26853

Webinar recordings for teachers

Teacher services -team from Learning services held series of webinars during the pandemia time spring of 2021. You find the webinar recordings at Panopto LES Webinars folder.

See topics in Aalto.fi: Webinar recordings to support teaching | Aalto University