Tips and tools for remote teaching and learning

Book a sessionSupport service for teachers

Would you like to get some advice on how to get students to interact and talk with each other in your online course or what to keep in mind when organising an online exam?

Would you like to discuss different strategies for online teaching? Book a one-to-one online session with a specialist from the Teacher Services team and get support on anything related to online teaching.


The Teacher Services team supports teaching and learning along with data management in these areas. The team also maintains and develops the main learning platforms and tools together with the IT services. Here is a list of all the main tools and the corresponding contact address:

Course feedbacksurvey.aalto.ficoursefeedback@aalto.fi
MyCoursesmycourses.aalto.fiMyTeaching Support
OpenLearningopenlearning.aalto.fiMyTeaching Support
Panoptopanopto.aalto.fiMyTeaching Support
Presemopresemo.aalto.fiMyTeaching Support
MyTeaching Support

If you have questions about teaching use MyTeaching Support service.

Teacher services in Aalto People

Recordings in Panopto

How to organise exams online

During the time of remote teaching, exams can be organized online with MyCourses or other digital tools. The Exam-system can be used for exam-room exams with special arrangements. In autumn 2020 and spring 2021, small exams may be organised on campus Read more in Aalto internal corona instructions → Studies and teaching

Deliver Information to students: How to message between students and teachers

  • In the Teacher role, use the MyCourses course area to send messages to students. Messages sent via the Announcement forum are sent to the course participants' email.
  • If students need to contact the course Teacher, they can post a message in Forum in the MyCourses course space, send a personal message in MyCourses, or simply email your Teacher.

Create lecture recordings or store your existing videos for sharing

Software installation required: WIN instructions - MAC instructions

Do you need to share a video lecture with Powerpoint slides or screen capture?

Is it Teams, Zoom or Panopto?

Have online meetings with student groups or a single student

Software installation needed: WIN - MAC instructions

Is it Teams, Zoom or Panopto?

Tutor students online

IT Service Desk contact

Other resources

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