Tee saavutettava PDF - Make accessible PDF

Tee pdf:stä saavutettava - Make accessible pdf

Remember to check that all your PDF documents are always accessible for visually impaired users. PDF is one of those "eternal" problems and challenges for our visually impaired peers, so the publisher should make some simple actions before publishing PDF documents.

A Swiss solution, plug-ins for accessible PDF documents

"Whether in the form of corporate annual reports, instruction manuals, or government forms, there are millions of PDF documents in the internet jungle. In terms of quality they often leave much to be desired, as their formatting prevents the use of screen-readers for those with visual impairments. To address this problem, the ICT-Accessibility Lab at InIT/ZHAW has developed two plug-ins for MS Word and PowerPoint. These plug-ins help web publishers detect and remove the obstacles of MS Word and PowerPoint documents, without requiring any special knowledge on accessibility. Once obstacles are removed, the MS Word and PowerPoint documents can then be easily converted into PDF documents that are accessible to visually impaired users. These plug-ins have been developed for Credit Suisse AG. They are available in four languages (English / French / German / Italian) for MS Word and PowerPoint 2010, and can be downloaded and used free of charge."

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