Site announcements

To stay informed on MyCourses updates and upcoming events, follow the Site announcements block on your Dashboard.

Announcements not showing?

If the Site announcements block is not showing on the right of your Dashboard, reset the view back to default:

  1. Login to MyCourses
  2. Click the Customize this page button to activate the editing options.

  3. Reset the view by clicking the Reset page to default button.

How to subscribe for email notifications

To receive an email notification of new announcements, subscribe to the Site announcements forum.

  1. Login to MyCourses.
  2. Click the Older topics... link on the right.

  3. Click the settings icon and select Subscribe to this forum.

    To unsubscribe from the forum, repeat the steps 1-2 and in step 3, select Unsubscribe from this forum

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