Panopto Webcast

How to Live Webcast

From the Panopto Recorder, be sure to select an online folder, then check "Webcast".

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Record and Stop

To start the broadcast simply click the RECORD button. To end the live broadcast, simply click the  STOP button. Your recording will then complete and upload to the server.  

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A viewer URL is generated after your broadcast starts. This URL can shared through the web user interface by clicking "Share". Clicking "Copy" will copy the URL to your Windows clipboard.

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Users may login to the Panopto website to view any live broadcasts that may be available at that time.

To do this, simply go to your Panopto server's website, and click the live session that you would like to watch.  If access to the content is restricted to certain viewers, they will have to login with their credentials.

You can determine which sessions are broadcasting live because the icon will look like the following:

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The viewer can click on the session and a viewer window will open just as it would if the lecture had been previously recorded.

Pause, rewind and go live feature

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Buttons for pausing and rewinding are pictured above on the left. You can easily seek through a live broadcast to any time by dragging the slider circled above, even if you join late. To catch up and watch the broadcast live, just click the "LIVE" button as seen above. You may also continue to watch the live broadcast even after it has ended. 

Questions, Comments, and Notes

During the live broadcast, viewers who are logged in and viewing the live broadcast can ask questions and make comments via the viewer window. The questions and comments have been merged into a "Discussion" section in the viewer. Furthermore, viewers can also take public or private notes during the broadcast to refer back to at a later time. Questions, comments, and notes are stored by the server for review at a later time, even after the broadcast has ended. 

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The viewer's discussion questions pop up and notify the Creator in the lower right hand corner of their display. Clicking on the notification will launch the recorder. To disable this notification, from the recorder - go to Settings - Basic Settings - Uncheck "Notify me when a viewer asks a question".

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Creators can either respond verbally at the time of the question or review the questions after the recording is complete.

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You can also turn off discussions for any or all webcasts and recordings by going to the Panopto web administration pages under System> Settings and changing the Discussion Enabled setting to False. Ratings can also be disabled separately by changing the Ratings Enabled setting to False. 

How to find your upload speed

Go to speedtest.net

Click Begin Test this will capture your download and upload speeds.
Armed with this information you can determine what quality your bandwidth can stream. Panopto allows you to choose from a variety of quality to meet your bandwidth requirements. 

For broadcasting we are concerned with the upload speed. With the example above it would be 8.43 Mbps. 

Quality and Stream Settings

The quality and amount of streams that you record will determine the amount of bandwidth required to stream a session.

Standard Quality:
Audio Only - 48 kbps
Video and Audio - 298 kbps
Video, Audio, and Secondary Video - 548 kbps

High Quality:
Audio Only - 128 kbps
Video and Audio - 1128 kbps
Video, Audio, and Secondary Video - 2196 kbps

Ultra Quality:
Audio Only - 128 kbps
Video and Audio - 1628 kbps
Video, Audio, and Secondary Video - 2628

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