Panopto Mobile

Panopto mobile apps let's you upload video files recorded with your mobile device and view Aalto Panopto contents.

Downloading the Panopto App

Android tablet and phone users you can download the app via the Google Play App Store and Apple users can download the app via App Store.    

Just search for Panopto and click install!


Using the App for the first time

On your tablet or phone click the Panopto App icon.

You will be prompted to log in. If you are not prompted, click sign in on the top right of the screen.

Type Aalto Panopto server URL aalto.cloud.panopto.eu, Click OK. 

Proceed to HAKA login. Please enter your credentials and click Sign In!


Upload materials to your Panopto cloud

Select from top left corner of the app + Record & upload

Browse to locate your MyFolder or desired folder, choose video file and title it.

Browsing and searching for recordings

You will now be shown all recordings you have access to, sorted by date, showing most recent first.

To search for a recording, click the magnifying glass on the top right of your screen. Type the term you wish to search for and click search!

You will now see everywhere that your search term is mentioned. To access the recording just click on the thumbnail!

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