Panopto FAQ

What types of recordings can be produced using Panopto?Panopto can record the computer screen(s), audio and video, including document camera and additional video cameras from HDMI input.
Can I record without internet access?Yes you can. Panopto records first on your local drive and then uploads content to Panopto Aalto cloud.
Can I see who has viewed my recording?Yes, you can find comprehensive stats by clicking stats button under your materials listed on Panopto.
How do I delete my Panopto session?You can find delete button on your Panopto sessions listed under My Folder.
Is there a workshop where I can learn how to use Panopto?There are scheduled Panopto workshops or you can order one from here
Can I upload an external video file such as a .mp4,mov, etc.?

Yes, Panopto works also as Aalto media repository. Go to your Panopto account on panopto.aalto.fi and on top middle of the page you'll see yellow Create button and Upload command under that. Complete instructions here.

Attention! Highest resolution Panopto supports is FullHD (1920 x 1080). You may end up having unpredictable issues with higher resolution originals, like audio out of sync, etc.

What are the minimum system requirements for running Panopto recorder?Here is link to Panopto system requirements System-Reqs-Dec-2015.pdf
Can I use Panopto for web canference?You can webcast with Panopto but it is not suitable for two way video communication.

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