Get started with Panopto client for recording

1. Panopto Recorder Software

Creating media with Panopto you need Panopto recorder client software. Panopto recorder is included in staff's Aalto Windows workstations installation package and should be found from your computers application list. If you can't find Panopto from your computer you can install it via Aalto University software self service portal on your operating system (note that software installation with self service portal will take few hours to complete and it is suggested that your computer is plugged with cable to Aalto network). Students can install Panopto on their personal computers with these i nstructions.

Panopto supports mobile apps for Android and iOS to record videos and sound or upload media content that is stored on your phone/tablet. More info on how to use Panopto with mobile apps go here.

2. Log in and launch Panopto
  • Click the Panopto icon on Windows start menu or search the Panopto from your application list and launch it. Note the End User Licencing Agreement and Consent (EULA) and click on the approval tick box to proceed. More info on important legal issues and copyrights that you need to bear in mind while creating and recording content to Panopto can be found from Panopto Resources.
  • Choose the HAKA login from the login menu and login with your Aalto credentials.

3. Create – Record your session with Panopto

Before you start to record your session you can rename it (by default Panopto names the session by time/date) this might help you later on how to find it in your folder hosted in Panopto cloud or while choosing the content to attach on MyCourses. To rename just click the session box and type the desired name e.g. course name and code. Panopto saves recording session first on a computer hard drive and after recording have finished all the material is uploaded on Aalto Panopto cloud.

Selecting inputs, what to capture

Panopto let's you to record multiple sources that will be combined in Panopto editor and player as multimedia presentation. Panopto must have at least audio as primary source in order for the recording to be complete and usable without additional recordings.

Choose the webcam or other desired video source from drop menu. From the Audio menu choose the correct microphone. Note that the quality of the audio is one of the most important technical factor to successful recording. Use external microphone to enhance the audio quality, test the audio levels by speaking into your microphone and adjust the recording volume so that your voice fills the green bar but doesn’t tap the red end of the bar. (If you are recording pre-lecture or online learning material in quiet space your laptop’s internal microphone should do the job but preferably use external microphone. Here you can find more info on webcams and audio devices to ensure the quality of your recordings.)

You can add other sources to get recorded on you Panopto session. Most typical source to add on your recording is PowerPoint slides and screen capture (note that your PowerPoint presentation should be on .pptx format as we have noticed some issues with older .ppt format). Panopto can handle multiple secondary sources as long as the computer recognises them and is powerful enough to run them all.  

If you are using PowerPoint as part of your presentation start the slideshow.

Press the Record button on Panopto when you are ready to start the capture.

Hotkeys for start, pause and stop your recording can be found from here.

For more complete instructions on how to use Panopto recorder go here.

4. Upload and Share

After you have finished your recording you need to make sure that the session is uploaded to Panopto cloud. (Progress bars)

Next tutorials and instructions are How to Share a Panopto Session and Basic Editing in Panopto

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