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About MyCourses

MyCourses default online learning environment used in Aalto University. Course workspace can be used to send out announcements, share material, receive student submissions, grade student work and give feedback. Grades can be published there at the end of a course. MyCourses is a Moodle-based learning management system. Workspaces are created automatically based on Sisu and are open by default.

About course spaces and enrolment

Students´ are enrolled into MyCourses course spaces based on Sisu registration information. In most cases there is no need for students´ to enroll courses in MyCourses. Course events (e.g., lectures and exercises) is shown to curse participants in MyCourses calendar.

Course spaces are not in MyCourses forever. Course spaces are removed from system after 2 or 3 years depending on course. Course materials or student information are not available after course space is removed. Course final grades are always stored into Sisu. 

To view only active courses in MyCourses dashboard students need to manage Course overview block. Use filters to manage list of courses you want to see. Students can not remove or unenroll from course space in MyCourses by themselves. Always unenroll from course first in Sisu. If everything works as they should course should disappear from Dashboard latest on following night. In case that there are no registration in Sisu for course in MyCourses, contact course teacher and ask for removing from course. 

If you have courses listed in MyCourses that are ended before August 2021 (registration done in Oodi) you need to wait two years to fully see them removed from MyCourses Dashboard. Please use filters in Course overview block to view only active courses.

If you can not find courses on MyCourses dashboard please check "Can not find courses in MyCourses / kurssien näkyvyys" section.

How to access MyCourses?

Log in always with you Aalto account from main page / kirjaudu aina Aalto tunnuksella järjestelmän etusvulta:  http://mycourses.aalto.fi

Change you password / salasanan vaihto:  https://password.aalto.fi/

By default user is directed to Dashboard page that shows personal information about courses and upcoming events and site notifications. Notice that there anyone can with Aalto account can access MyCourses but to study in course you need also role in course space. In Dashboard courses are listed based on role in course spaces.

After logging in, the user will be redirected to their own dashboard. This page is a summary of events and courses in which the user has a role. Please note that users can log in to the system with the Aalto ID, but in addition to this, the user must have a role in the course workspace in order to be able to study in the course.

Can not find courses in MyCourses

Access to courses is mainly done by integration between Sisu and MyCourses. Default process to get access to course space is just to enroll courses in Sisu. In some cases enrollment can be done in MyCourses. In these cases enrollment button is located always to course Syllabus page. Enrollment button is shown in MyCourses search results (See image 1) and on Syllabus. Syllabus page can be accessed also always from course space header (See image 2)

Search result view
Image 1. syllabus and enrollment buttons in search results

Syllabus button
Image 2. syllabus button in course space.

If you can not find you courses please check following

  1. Filter setting on MyCourses dashboard
    a) Course Overview set to All
  2. Check enrolment method in Sisu.
    a) Standard enrolment. Student is added to MyCourses course space after participation is confirmed. This might happend after enrolment period is over. See status in Sisu
    b) Enrolment with direct confirmation. Student is added to MyCourses course space in 5-10 minutes.

Read more in Sisu help

Go to Sisu

Basic usage in video

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In Swedish

Using Latex in Forums

Users can use latex in forums and other text editos views. See documentation and markup in https://docs.moodle.org/39/en/Using_TeX_Notation

Reports and logs

Learner metrics –tool has been taken into use in MyCourses  

Learner metrics, a tool for reporting and visualising course activities within MyCourses, has been taken into use at Aalto University (19.4.2022). Learner metrics present aggregate data and details about course events and activities, such as completed or upcoming assigments. Its purpose is to help you monitor and plan your study progress. 

Because Learner metrics has just been deployed, the information it presents will gradually become more refined. You should continue to primarily rely on the course instructions, assignment deadlines and other information set by the teachers, either in MyCourses or elsewhere. 

Learner metrics are under development, and will continue to be modified according to feedback from users. 


Using the Learner metrics is entirely voluntary. Teachers have a similar tool for viewing course information, supporting students and developing courses. Your teachers will not have access to information about whether or how you use the Learner metrics. 

The information presented by the Learner metrics is based on the course activity data within MyCourses. In particular, it offers you information aout ongoing courses, but it will also present information about your past courses. The information displayed by Learner metrics will be deficient, if activity tracking has not been used on the courses, affecting what data is formed and collected. 

Contents of the Learner metrics and user instructions 

Learner metrics can be found from the menu on the left. 
It contains three views: Dashboard, Courses and Grades. 

  •  The dashboard –view gives an overview of all current and completed courses. It also provides information about upcoming course assignments. 
  • Courses –view displays current course statuses based on data from MyCourses. 
  • Grades –view displays progress in courses, such as start and end dates, completed activities and grades for completed assignments 
  • The different views are explained in more detail below. If you want additional information, more instructions can be found from the Intelliboard-pages. Intelliboard is an analytics tool producing the Learner metrics (Note that at Aalto we call the tool Learner metrics, but Intelliboard calls it Learner dashboard) 

The dashboard –section contains an overview and details about ongoing and completed courses. 

  • The general information at the top of the page displays the amount of ongoing courses and their grade averages. 
  • The graph at the top of the page shows information about Activity progress and Course progress 
    • The Activity progress –graph shows the grades for the assignments in MyCourses in relation to the courses’ other students from your chosen time period. You can view the details by hovering your cursor over the graph. Your grades are shown in green, course all students' averages in blue. (Picture 1.)
    • The course progress –graph shows the grades for completed assignments by course. Your grades are shown in green, course all students' averages in blue. (Picture 2.)
  • From the Course progress –list you can view your courses in MyCourses, how the assignments are progressing (Progress), total grade (Grade) and the date you started the course (Enrolled). 
  • Assignments and Quizzes display the assignments on the courses, their grades (if graded) and due dates.  (Picture 3.)
  • Towards the bottom of the dashboard –view you can view information about assignment status and time spent on MyCourses. 
    • Course success shows the status for each course (Completed, In progress, Not started) (Picture 4.)
    • Correlations shows the relation between course grades and time spend on MyCourses  
    • Activity participation shows the status of course activities (Total, Viewed, Completed) (Picture 4.)
    • Learning shows the time spend on different activities (for tasks you have done in MyCourses) 

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Picture 4.

Courses-view shows an overview of your course statuses based on MyCourses data. You can view them in a grid or in rows. (Picture 5.)

  • The view displays completed assignments (Completion), course average for all students (Class average), time spent in MyCourses (Time spent) and grades for your assignments. 

Picture 5.

Grades-view displays additional information by courses (Picture 6.)

  • When the course started (Course start date), when you enrolled to the course (Enrolled date), grade average for the assignments the teacher has set to be tracked in MyCourses (Progress), amount of completed course activities in MyCourses (Completed activities). In Activities (Activity grades) you can view assignments and completions in more detail.  

Picture 6.

More MyCourses Help

MyCourses' support address is mycourses(at)aalto.fi

MyCourses-tuki auttaa MyCoursesiin liittyvissä pulmissa: mycourses(at)aalto.fi

MyCourses-stödet hjälper vid problem som gäller lärmiljön: mycourses(at)aalto.fi

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