MyCourses feature update list

Major known issues, still waiting to be fixed

  • Calendar - Several issues sent to us (incl. exporting problems, lecture names does not come with export file, ) we're looking into them.

Major features and changes since the launch in 1.8.2015 - newest first


  • Starting from 2.12.2015 teachers can open a forum for guest access (openly on the internet) too.
  • Questionnaire plug-in installed (quiz and feedback)


  • Instructions corrected: "The course calendar contains room and time information on lectures  and exercises and exams automatically driven from Oodi."
  • MyCourses Theme updated
  • minor changes to the language files based on user feedback


  • Following courses without being a member in a course is not possible, teacher can allow all Aalto/haka authenticated users to see course news. 
  • A new restriction method based on organisation (user domain), currently only aalto.fi domain is supported. Previously we had an email-based @aalto.fi-restriction

  • When using grading rubrics, teachers can export grade criteria items individually into an Excel-file, so to compare student performance on each criteria

  • Several text changes to language packages

  • MyCourses feedback discussion forum (link in MyCourses service links- menu) was opened.

  • Quiz-activity texts and link has been clarified

  • Turnitin submission box shows only course members

  • Open University students will have e-mail address field filled in their profiles after they have logged in. They should now receive messages from MyCourses similarly to other workspace members.

  • Course name displayed in the same language which is set in Oodi

  • Manually hidden course workspaces remain hidden during the overnightly integration runs from Oodi.

  • Guest access-restriction no longer removed during the overnightly integration runs from Oodi.


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