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Activities and Grading

Flipped Classroom & Panopto
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Thesis supervision with Turnitin


Do you need guidance in designing your course? Our specialists are available to guide you in developing your course and give you hands-on support with your MyCourses workspace. Consultations can take place in person, by phone, or by web conference (Skype for Business).

Request a consultation, mycourses@aalto.fi


Our specialist are also available to facilitate workshops and demonstrations for Aalto departments and groups. We offer a variety of topics, including

  • Flipped classroom pedagogy: plan your course or parts of it flipped classroom style. Students prepare for your class by reading articles or watching videos and making tests. You can use contact time .
  • Activating mass courses: how to activate students, how to use automatic grading
  • Thesis seminar: Plan a seminar to support your students process, using MyCourses and Panopto. Enhance student
  • Collaboration and peer review: how to enhance collaboration and group work in your course
  • Supervising thesis with Turnitin.

Any of the workshops listed above can be tailored to meet your topics and needs. Request a workshop by contacting us at mycourses@aalto.fi