Install Panopto Recorder Aalto with Self-service portal for Windows workstations

  1. Open Software Self Service Portal ”Start > Aalto IT > Software SelfServicePortal - Aalto IT”. SelfServicePortal will open on browser window.      

  2. If you see following message "you don't have any workstations under your account" follow the instructions and contact Service Desk.

  3. If you see a note on a top right corner that declares Valitse hallittavan työaseman nimi ensin!” you'll need to choose the computer that you are associated and you are about to target the installation. Keyboard command CTRL+F12 opens the info window where you can read the computer name.

  4. On an opened window you'll see list of available applications, find Panopto Recorder Aalto on a list of freely available software and select it. 

  5. Click "Add selected software to workstation" button.

  6. Accept the software installation by clicking "Kohdenna sovellukset työasemaan".

  7. Self-service portal is used to target software installations. They will show up ready for installation in the workstation in about an hour from targeting. Users can also expedite the installations by following these instructions.

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