Digital Learning Platforms (OPIT)

This wiki page provides you information and guidelines about Learning and Student Information systems used in Aalto University. This page is collection of system help and guidelines for teachers, students and staff.

This page is maintaned by Digital Learning Environments team, Teacher services.

If you want to contact us, head to this page: https://www.aalto.fi/en/service-entities/teacher-services

Supports and training for teachers
General guidelines and policies
System instructions

General system information and webinars

Learning management systems

Student information system

  • Oodi HELP
    System for course registration, course and student information.
  • Sisu
    Student information system that replaces Oodi in Autumn 2021.

Collaborative whiteboard

  • Flinga
    Flinga whiteboard for collaborative knowledge building and Flinga Wall for collecting and voting ideas.
  • Presemo
    Tool for instant feedback during lecture or online session.

Video and online meeting / collaboration

Is it Panopto Zoom or Teams?

  • Panopto
    Video service for all Aalto users. Record, store and share your videos and other media files with Panopto.
  • Zoom
    For online lecturing, meetings, seminars
  • Teams
    For Teams to share content, chat and talk
  • Microsoft Office 365
    Teams, Word, Exel, Powerpoint for all Aalto users
  • Adobe Connect (Funet)
  • IRC
    Interactive Internet text messaging (chat)

Online Examination

  • EXAM
    The EXAM system in use at Aalto University is a modern electronic examination software developed and used by a consortium of Finnish Universities.
  • Using MyCourses for examination
    Electronic examinations can be done also in MyCourses.

Originality Check

  • TurnItIn
    Tool for Teachers to check students text originaly. Also available for students during theses process. Tool is available in MyCourses.


  • Course feedback
    Course feedback system collects course feedback.
  • Presemo
    Tool for instant feedback during lecture or online session.
  • MyCourses
    Mycourses tools to get feedback during course.


  • MoveON
    Platform to manage international mobility and partnership processes.

Time management and planning

  • Asio
    Space reservations (booking.aalto.fi) and University course planning and scheduling system for LES.
  • Vihta
    Ajanvarausjärestelmä Oppimispalveluiden henkilökunnalle.

Other systems

  • eAge / Nintex
    Sähköinen asiointi .
  • Opi Analyzer
    Raportointityöväline joka on suunnattu opinto- ja opiskelijapalveluiden asiantuntijoiden käyttöön.
  • AIMO

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