The system is currently available as a pilot. During the pilot phase, the working of Gradescope in MyCourse may not be seamless and may require adjustment. Pilot-phase users are requested to inform us about the use, provide feedback and report possible issues by sending an email to turnitin@aalto.fi. The pilot ends on 31.12.2022.

Gradescope is software that helps streamline grading and provide feedback for students' assignments and exams. It can be used for both digital and paper-based assignments and exams. Gradescope is integrated into MyCourses. Gradescope can be useful to cut down the time spent on grading and to ensure that grading remains consistent, fair and objective regardless of group size. Once grading is completed, Gradescope also provides a visual representation of the students' overall performance, which can be a valuable learning indicator.

For instructors

Adding Gradescope as an activity in MyCourses
  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click on Add an activity or resource -> External tool
  3. On the page that opens, at least
    1. give the activity a name, and
    2. at Preconfigured tool, choose Gradescope from the list in the drop-down menu.
    3. Provide other set-up details, if desired. Once the activity is successfully created, you will see your Gradescope interface on MyCourses where you will be able to start setting up the activity.

Additional resources for Using Gradescope through Moodle, i.e. MyCourses

Instructions for using Gradescope

Gradescope Help Center

Gradescope Video Tutorials - how to create and grade different types of activities. You might want to start with the following:

How to set up a paper-based assignment
Digitalizing student work

In paper-based exams that are done in a classrooms, the exams can be submitted to Gradescope by each student individually or by the instructor/exam supervisor. If you are not feeling confident about the paper-based exams flow using Gradescope, feel free to contact support for further guidance.

Instructor-submitted exams
If the instructor is in charge of uploading the exams into Gradescope, you can use for instance the copy machines of your department to scan the exams and create a PDF file. This page has several useful tips on what to pay attention to when scanning exams. Gradescope should be able to separate the PDF into submissions fairly well, but you are also able to correct any errors in the creation of individual submissions after the PDF is uploaded as well.
Student-submitted exams
Another alternative is to have the students uploading their own submissions to Gradescope at the same time that they hand in the paper exam to the exam supervisor. For this, the students will need to receive instructions beforehand ( e.g. how to scan the exam and submit it to Gradescope) and be aware that they must bring a suitable mobile device to scan the exam and upload it. The exam supervisor should also be prepared to assist the students that are unable to upload the exam from their own devices for any reason.

For students

Submitting assignments

Viewing grades

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