"Flinga platform combines different mobile devices to function as a tool for collaborative knowledge construction. Flinga allows students to participate either individually or simultaneously to conversations or questions asked by the teacher. With Flinga it is possible to collect students’ comments, questions and answers quickly and easily for all to see. The entire classroom can simultaneously participate in collaborative working in a new, easy and a fun way."
More info: http://www.nordtouch.fi/ 

"Flinga tarjoaa monipuoliset työkalut yhdessä ideointiin, kommentointiin, miellekartoille ja kollaaseille. Flingaa käytetään suoraan selaimen kautta ja se toimii kaikilla laitteilla (älypuhelimet, tabletit ja tietokoneet)."

Lisää tietoa: http://www.nordtouch.fi/flinga/

Aalto users, things to notice when using Flinga 

Use Flinga only for fully public data

Old Flinga sessions should be locked to prevent changes by unknown users. 

Notice! if you have previously used Flinga as non Aalto user (free account) these boards are not shown under Aalto user account. 


Use your Aalto username and password when logging in to the service. Flinga is for all Aalto users.

https://edu.flinga.fi or https://aalto.flinga.fi/


The user of Aalto Flinga can create as many sessions as desired. Sessions can be deleted only by its creator.

Pedagogical guides and theoretical framework




Flinga suomeksi http://www.nordtouch.fi/flinga/

Flinga scriptit http://www.nordtouch.fi/flinga/skriptit/

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