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EXAM is an electronic exam service that enables flexibility for students to complete exams and releases teachers and administors' time from organizing exams on campus. Finnish higher education uses and develops EXAM together with CSC – the Finnish IT Centre for Science and Valamis Ltd. General overview about EXAM system.

EXAM service includes system and electronic exam rooms that are monitored by cameras. The teacher first creates, schedules and assess an exam. The student then reserves a personal exam time and a exam room from the system and completes the exam at EXAM studios at Aalto University campus. You can log in to EXAM system at: https://exam.aalto.fi.

EXAM Guide for teachers

  1. The teacher creates the exam in the EXAM system and activates it
  2. The student registers for the exam in study management system (SISU) AND makes the time reservation in the EXAM system
  3. The student and the teaacher receive an automatic reservation confirmation email
  4. The student completes the exam at EXAM studion at Aalto Campus
  5. When the student submits the exam, the teacher receives an automatic email about the response
  6. The teacher assesses the submission in the system
  7. The student receives an automatic feedback email about the feedback and assessment

CSC – the Finnish IT Centre for Science that maintains the EXAM service has published a guide for teachers. It is available in English, Swedish and Finnish. The effects of Covid-19 to Exam-studio exams.

EXAM ROOMS at Aalto University campus

All EXAM rooms and supporting services are closed during 3.-28.7.2023.



Number of workstations




Harald Herlin Learning Centre, 2. floor, Otaniementie 9



Undergraduate Centre, 3.floor, Y Wing, Otakaari 1



Undergraduate Centre, 3.floor, M Wing, Otakaari 1



Undergraduate Centre, 3.floor, M Wing, Otakaari 1

XS OK1M131

Accessible exam room, only for students with the certificate for individual study arrangements and XS-affix in the exam name (XS Exam Name).


Undergraduate Centre, 1.floor, M Wing, Otakaari 1

Check Harald Herlin Learning Centre's opening hours and Undergraduate Centre's opening hours.
Remember to check the exceptions in the opening hours.

PLEASE NOTE! The room Tenttihuone XS OK1M131 is only allowed for students with the certificate for individual study arrangements. In this case, the name of the exam has a XS prefix (XS NAME OF THE EXAM). Reservations without a XS prefix are removed by the system administration.

Watch the video on EXAM studio practices:

Contact information

If you have any questions about electronic exams or using EXAM, please send a message to: exam@aalto.fi. (closed 3.-28.7.2023)

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