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Digital assessment

EXAM is an electronic exam service that enables flexibility for students to complete exams and releases teachers and administors' time from organizing exams on campus. Finnish Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (27) are using and developing EXAM together with CSC – the Finnish IT Centre for Science and Valamis Ltd. Read more about the service on this page.

EXAM service includes a system and electronic exam rooms that are monitored by cameras. The use of service works so that a teacher creates, schedules and assess an exam inside the system. A student reserves a personal exam time and a exam room in the system, but arrives to Aalto University campus site to complete the exam. You can log in to EXAM system at: https://exam.aalto.fi.

EXAM Guide for teachers

CSC – the Finnish IT Centre for Science that maintains the EXAM service has wrote a guide for teachers in English, Swedish and Finnish. Read the instructions. The effects of Covid-19 to Exam-studio exams -guidance

EXAM Guide for students

Instructions for students and tips for preparing for an exam can be read on this page.

EXAM ROOMS at Aalto University campus


Check Harald Herlin Learning Centre's opening hours on this page and Undergraduate Centre's opening hours on this page.
Remember to check the exceptions in the opening hours.

Watch the video to see what one of the Exam rooms looks like:

Contact information

If you have any questions about electronic exams or using EXAM, send a message to: exam@aalto.fi.

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