Copy of Moving content to MyCourses





Contents will not be automatically moved to MyCourses from any previous platforms.

The teacher can copy (import) contents or parts of it from his/her previous course workspace.

For every course, a new course workspace is created automatically based on Oodi information. Do not reuse workspaces.


Moodle is no longer in use (since 3.1.2017)

From MyCourses (e.g. sandbox) to MyCourses

MyCourses import -function can be used to copy your previous course as a new template, or import your MyCourses sandbox workspace content (or parts of it) to your actual course workspace.

  1. Go to your official course workspace (workspace you want to import content to)

  2. Add sections to your official workspace, if you need more than 3: Course administration → Edit settings → Course format → number of sections

  3. Open Course administration → Import


  4. Choose the workspace you want imported → Continue 

  5. Backup settings: Choose at least ‘Include activities and recourses’ Choose 'Include groups and grouping' if you have made your own groups or grouping.  Next

  6. Choose the sections, activities and resources you want to include → Next
    Note: do not include News forum and General discussion
  7. Review that your selections are correct → Next

  8. Perform import

  9. Check how your workspace looks as a non-logged in user, to make sure that your visibility settings are suitable for your needs.

  10. Edit names of the first 4 sections, if needed.