ASIO (booking.aalto.fi) is not only for space reservations, it is also a versatile course scheduling system for LES. Main target is to plan the whole university's teaching offer, get consistent course timetables by avoiding collasions and offer best paths for students' model schedules. More detailed information about the process and the ASIO system from wiki-pages and planning officer Katriina Korhonen.

Rights for ASIO (opetuksen suunnittelu) and questions

Please, send e-mail to address: asio-planning@aalto.fi.


Process and instructions (limited access):  https://wiki.aalto.fi/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=29836884


Katriina Korhonen (https://people.aalto.fi/index.html#katriina_korhonen)
LES personnel: lukkari@aalto.fi