Adobe Connect meeting

Case: meeting where all group members talk and can share documents and write notes.

Create your own meeting room

Sign in with you Aalto account and password here: https://connect.funet.fi

Follow the screen shot instructions in Funet service (pictures 1-4 there). Here are some supplements to those screen shots:

  • edit the fields/options as shown pointed with red arrows, skip the rest
  • Picture 2 (see the link above): you are asked to give a name and an URL to your meeting room. You decide the red part of the URL: https://connect.funet.fi/aalto_nameoftheroom. The red part should begin with "aalto" and the rest of it you can make up
    • Note: it will be your permanent meeting room. You can use it either for one group/purpose or for several groups/purposes. You can create another meeting room for teaching for example.
  • After Picture 2, click Next and Finish (you don't have to add users into the meeting room, they can come into the meeting room as guests)

From now on, you can see the link to your meeting room after signing in to https://connect.funet.fi

Prepare the meeting

  • Make sure, that all the attendees during the meeting have rights for using their mics and sharing documents (=Presenter rights)
    • Go to your meeting room and choose: Meeting > Manage access and entry > Autopromote attendees to Presenters (Picture 1). 


Picture 1. Autopromote to presenters (click the picture to maximise it)

    • If you don't do this beforehand, the attendees entering your meeting room as guests are given "a participant role" with minimum rights (only listening and writing into chat is possible). However, if this happens, you can always change participant's role to presenter by clicking his/her name on the participant list and choose the Presenter role. 

Invitation to the meeting 

During the meeting

  • Check voices of each attendee
    • opening the mic: see picture 2, nr 1
    • if there are problems with the quality of voice, or it is missing, ask the attendee to follow the steps: Meeting (see picture 2, nr 7) > Audio setup wizard
    • you can control the volume of the mic by right-clicking anywhere in the meeting room >  settings > microphone icon > adjust the volume
    • if somebody can not use mic or has problems with it, he/she can attend the meeting by writing into chat
  • Start your webcam
    • see picture 2, nr 3, at first the preview opens > start sharing
    • Sometimes using web cams worsens the voice quality > pause or stop the web camera
  • Record the meeting, if needed

    • Start recording: Meeting (picture 2, nr 7) > Record Meeting
    • Stop recording: Click the red ball in the right corner > Stop recording
  • Share documents or screen
    • every attendee as Presenter can share, see picture 2, nr 4-5
    • you can share PPs, pdfs and pictures as documents. Note: Adobe Connect converts the document into flash mode which takes some time, very big PP-files can take even few minutes
    • other type of documents you can share by sharing your desktop or the application screen
  • Write meeting notes
    • Choose another ready-made meeting layout, see picture 2 , nr 6
    • Any of the attendees can write notes on Discussion Notes (picture 3, nr 9). The notes can be exported (picture 3, nr 10).
    • Make the Discussion Notes (picture 3, nr 9) bigger by dragging its corner. Respectively, you can make the Video smaller by dragging its corner.
    • Change between the Sharing layout (picture 3, nr 11).


Picture 2. Meeting room layout "Sharing", the view of the meeting room after logging in (click the picture to maximise it).


Picture 3. Meeting room layout "Discussion", the second view of the meeting room (click the picture to maximise it).

After the meeting

  • How to share the link of the recording?
    • Go to the meeting room > Meeting > Manage meeting information (a new browser window opens) > Recordings > (choose the recording from the list) > Make Public > (click the recording) > URL for viewing (copy it and share)

Full Adobe Connect manual -pdf

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