Adobe Connect instructions for a participant

If you have been invited to an Adobe Connect meeting or webinar, you have been given the meeting room URL.

Before you go to the meeting room, it is good to know some of its basic functions and good practices.

Before the meeting
  • Check, that voice can be heard from your computer
  • You don’t need to install any software. A Flash Player is needed, but normally computers have it. You can visit an automatic test page to make sure, your computer is ready for the online session: Adobe Connect test page .
  • If you are expected to speak during the meeting, it is handy to use headset with headphones and microphone. As a laptop normally has a microphone and loudspeakers in-built, a headset is not essential, but in that case, remember to close your mic while you are listening others.
Entering the meeting room

Go to the URL you have been given.

Choose ”Enter as a Guest” and write your name. Your name is visible to all participants in Attendees -list.

Click "Allow" when Adobe Connect asks you to allow Adobe Connect Add in or similar. It helps your computer to adjust the screen for the meeting.

Usually, the host has reserved some time for testing mics and voices. It is important to be there on time for testing.

During the meeting

The host of the meeting

  • will tell you how to participate during the meeting. The following ways of participating can be in use.


  • is always in use, especially for informing of technical problems, but also for discussion
  • follow the advice you are given about the participation in chat.

Choose your status

  • You can communicate with signs by choosing your status, see picture 1, nr 1.
  • During a discussion, raise your hand by clicking "Raise hand". Remember to "Lower hand" after speaking.
  • Choose "Agree" or "Disagree" if yes/no type of question is asked from all attendees in the meeting. Clear your status afterwards.
  • Your status is seen on the Attendees list.

Open and close your microphone and webcam

  • Click the mic icon to open and close the microphone, see picture 1, nr 2. When the mic sign is green, it is open.
  • Remember to close your mic, if you do not have headphones and you are listening the others.
  • The webcam is opened and closed accordingly (see picture 1, nr 3). If several attendees are using webcams at the same time it may disturb the voice connections. That is why it is recommended to close or pause the webcams if there are disruptions in voices or if you are just listening.





Picture 1. Status menu, microphone, webcamera.

Be careful, if you have got a presenter role

  • Roles can be seen in the Attendees list
  • As a presenter you can use a microphone and a web camera, share documents or even resize the pods (= small windows in the meeting room). Alterations you do are seen by other participants. That is why you should be careful and follow the host's instructions.
  • If your role is a participant, your rights are limeted: you can follow the session and write into chat. The host can change your role if needed.

Share PowerPoints, pdf:s or your screen

  • If you are asked to have a presentation, it is better to reserve some time for loading your presentation document in the meeting room just before the online session starts. PowerPoint files and pdf:s are converted into a flash mode which may take even several minutes if the file is big.
  • To share a PowerPoint file (see picture 2) choose Share (nr 1) > Share a document (nr 2).

Leaving the meeting room

Close the browser window to exit the meeting. If you are not following the meeting temporarily, click the "Step away" sign on (see picture 1, nr 1).


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