This page is a collection of system help and guidelines about Aalto University learning and Student Information systems used by teachers, students and staff.

This page is maintained by the Teacher services. See full contact information in Aalto.fi/teaching 

Support and training for teachers
General guidelines and policies
System instructions

General system information and webinars

Learning management systems

Student information system

  • Sisu
    The student information system.

Collaborative whiteboard

  • Flinga
    Flinga whiteboard for collaborative knowledge building and Flinga Wall for collecting and voting ideas.
  • Presemo
    A tool for instant feedback during a lecture or online session.

Video and online meeting/collaboration

Is it Panopto, Zoom or Teams?

Learning Assessment and Online Examinations

  • EXAM
    The EXAM system in use at Aalto University is a modern electronic examination software developed and used by a consortium of Finnish Universities.
  • Using MyCourses for examination
    Electronic examinations can be done also in MyCourses.
  • Rethinking exams- rules and legislation 03/2021 webinar-slides
  • Gradescope
    Streamline grading and feedback in digital and paper-based assignments and exams.

Originality Check

  • Turnitin
     The tool for teachers and students to check the similarity of submitted text compared to text in the comparison database. Turnitin is also available to students during their theses writing process. The tool is available via MyCourses.


  • Course feedback
    The Course feedback system collects course feedback.
  • Presemo
    A tool for instant feedback during a lecture or online session.
  • MyCourses
    MyCourses tools to get feedback during a course.


  • MoveON
    The platform to manage international mobility and partnership processes.

Time management and planning

  • Asio
    Space reservations (booking.aalto.fi) and University course planning and scheduling system for Learning Services (LES).
  • Vihta
    The time-booking system for the staff of LES.

Other systems

  • eAge / Nintex
    Electronic services (Sähköinen asiointi) .
  • Opi Analyzer
    The reporting tool directed towards the specialist staff of Study and Student Services.
  • AIMO

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