Virtual Nordic ISS Seminar Consortium
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Virtual Nordic ISS Seminar Consortium is an informal group of schools that will be engaged in virtual Friday seminars over fall 2020 (starting September 4). You can see the list of participating schools here.

There are two talks on each Friday, with each talk max 30 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A and networking. Typically, the speakers for each Friday seminar come from the same institution. Please disseminate information about the virtual Friday seminars to your faculty colleagues and doctoral students.

The seminars are held on Zoom (click here) each Friday at 13:00-14:30 CEST (DK, NO, SE) / 14:00-15:30 EEST (FI)

Upcoming seminars are shown below. See the past seminars here

September 25 - University of Agder
  • Sara Hofmann: "Uncovering the multifaceted concept of digitalisation: How do researchers and practitioners define public sector digitalisation?" Read more
  • Øystein Sæbø: "What to open and what not: the role of digital technologies for balancing open practices within organizations."
October 2 - University of Jyväskylä
  • Markus Salo: "Technostress".
  • Tuure Tuunanen: "Concurrent Design and Evaluation Methodology for Design Science Research".
November 6 - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Monica Divitini
  • Michail (Michalis) Giannakos: "Sensing-based Analytics to Support Learning Design".Read more
November 13 - University of Gothenburg

The division of Informatics, at the department of Applied Information Technology, consists of around 30 researchers and teachers that host projects that have a strong link to industry and practice, and publish on the highest level. We offer an academic environment that facilitates both research and education with a focus on the digitalization of society. We provide two educational programs to our students, a Master in Digital Leadership and Bachelor in Systems Science. All our teaching reflects the strong research environment of the division, and courses are designed to be aligned with existing research and industry collaboration. Read more

  • Juho Lindman: "Public sector blockchains"
  • Aleksandre Asatiani
November 27 - Stockholm School of Economics

The House of Innovation, at the Stockholm School of Economics, is an inter-disciplinary research, education and outreach environment focused on innovation, digitalization and entrepreneurship and its intersections. The researchers at the House produce scientifically based knowledge relevant to academics, corporations, government agencies, civil society actors and individuals. In doing so, they interact with an international network of scholars and academic institutions, as well as with corporate and institutional funders.
Read more.

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Any personal information provided by the participants is only used for the duration of the seminar series. The information won’t be used for any other purposes and it will be permanently deleted at the end of seminar series. Read more.

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