Molecular Modelling in Industrial Research and Development
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Molecular modelling of materials in industrial R&D slideset

The economic impact of molecular modellig, Goldbeck Consulting, 2012 (link)

The economic impact of materials modelling, Goldbeck Consulting, 2016 (link)

Applications of Molecular and Materials Modeling, P. Westmoreland (ed.), 2002 (link)

EMMC, The European Materials Modelling Council (link)

EMMC, Case studies (link)

EMMC-CSA: White paper for business models and sustainability for materials modelling software (link)

The NCCR MARVEL is a centre on Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials (link)

Schrödinger (link)

SCIENOMICS is a software and services company specialized in Materials Modeling and Simulations (link)

AiiDA Automated Interactive Infrastructure and Database for Computational Science (link)

BASF, Supercomputer (link)

Quantum server (link)

CSC (link)

Parallel Quantum Solutions (link)


Computing a cleaner polyurethane synthesis (link)

Schrödinger Announces Close of Latest Financing, Raising Total of $110 Million (link)

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