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Basic information of the minor

Code: ENG3060

Extent: 20-30 cr

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Sven Bossuyt

Target Group: The Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. level minor is offered primarily for the master’s degree students of the CHEM, SCI and ELEC schools. Also students of the ENG School’s other M.Sc. Programmes than Mechanical Engineering are welcome to take this minor.

Application procedure: No

Quotas and restrictions: No

Prerequisites: Student must take into account any course prerequisites and the structure of studies in their own programme, to form a minor of 20 to 30 cr.

Content and structure of the minor

Learning outcomes:

In Mechanical Engineering minor studies, students select Mechanical Engineering common studies and may combine them with more specialised courses in the fields of arctic technology, engineering materials, marine technology, mechatronics, product development, production engineering, solid mechanics or a combination of these. Specialising provides the student with more detailed knowledge of the current methods and applications in the field, as well as some knowledge of recent research and developments.

The student knows how to solve engineering problems in their chosen area, and correctly applies a combination of creativity, systematic analysis, computational tools, and critical judgement to such tasks. The student justifies their choices and methods, communicates clearly and collaborates effectively. The student can articulate how their own unique professional profile equips them to contribute productively in any setting.

Structure of the minor

Students may freely choose a combination of suitable technical courses offered as common studies or advanced studies in Mechanical Engineering, taking into account any course prerequisites and the structure of studies in their own programme, to form a minor of 20 to 30 cr. Please note, that courses from other programmes that may be included in advanced studies in Mechanical Engineering major studies, may not be included in this minor.

The minor may consist entirely of courses offered as common studies. The MEC-E1001 Mechanical Engineering in Society course offered as common studies is not suitable for the minor. The minor may include not more than one of the “Societal perspectives in engineering” courses.

Course list can be found from Into pages.

Further information is available from Professor Sven Bossuyt (