Mobile App Guide


This section gathers development related information and resources that are mainly specific to Aalto university. For more general information about developing for a specific platform, please check each platform's developer site and development guidelines.

Development tools & environments provided by Aalto

Aalto currently has mobile development environments installed in the following class rooms:

  • Games room in media lab: Unity Pro licenses + Unity iOS Pro & Unity Android Pro
  • iMac/Mac class in media lab: Xcode for iOS development and Android SDK
  • Maarintalo class room E: Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle

Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle is also available to any Aalto IT managed workstation.

Check for software that you can download and install into your personal computer. 

Please also check Aalto IT pages in Into and in Inside for more information about IT infra in Aalto. For example, following might be useful:

  • List of applications in classroom computers(Windows).

  • List of applications available for Mac workstations.

  • List of applications available for Windows workstations.

  • Page for requesting specific software to be installed into Aalto IT managed computers.

Test devices

Knowing which devices to design and code for, and eventually testing your app with users is a very important part of mobile development. You can access and borrow devices for testing and development purposes for free in the following locations:

APIs and information sources (Aalto specific)

Currently, Aalto IT has published Noppa API, open API for course information in Aalto, as a first public API for developers to test how open access could work in practice in campus.

Please see the following documentation for more information:

Please see the following sources for more non-Aalto APIs that might be useful for you:

Copyright issues and open-source

Concrete and easy to understand answers to questions regarding copyright in the creative fields (applies to development work as well) can be found in the Art University Copyright Advice

Some basic rules:

  • If you are developing the app as part of your work duties, usually the copyright is transferred to your employer. This also applies if you are employed by Aalto university (for example as a researcher). Please note that this assumption applies only to computer programs and not for other creative works. Please see the Computer Programs and Employee Copyright section in the Art University Copyright Advice for more information.
  • If you are developing your app as part of your studies then you retain the right to your work. Remember that if you are working in a group with other students then everybody gets right to their individual parts of the work.

In either case, it is highly recommended to consider open-sourcing the work. The benefits include:

  • copyright is clearly defined
  • your valuable work will not be forgotten and hidden on your computer, but may get into use and further developed by others
  • you may get help from external developers by inviting them into your open-source project
  • all parties (for example in the student team) get rights to the whole work and may pursue their own interests afterwards according to terms and conditions of the chosen license

To open-source your work

  1. You need to choose a specific open-source license
  2. State the license in the source code and other files and materials
  3. Publish your materials in some public repository (such as github). Apps & Os project has set up an organisation in the github for Aalto related projects if you don't want to do it under your own account.

There are various open-source licenses available that you may choose from. The terms and and conditions of these licenses may differ, for example, regarding sharing, derivative works, acknowledgements, etc. Please see the following sites for more information about different licenses

Please remember that if you do software development under employment contract you need to ask permission from your employer for open-sourcing your work.