Mobile App Guide

Aalto University Mobile App Guide

This space collects information about mobile application development in Aalto University. It doesn't matter whether your app uses Aalto resources or is Aalto branded; whatever is your connection to Aalto or even if you have nothing to do with Aalto, this site may be useful for you.

The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Provide a starting point for mobile application development in the ecosystem of Aalto University
  • Act as an access point for available resources, development environments, design assets, open APIs, etc

This site is also cross-platform minded. It doesn't favor any one or two platforms but collects the information equally for all of them. If the information for your favorite platform is not included or is not up-to-date, please add it there!

This site was born from and is driven by a community of students, staff and researchers. If you have any idea to improve the site, concrete information to contribute, or find a spelling mistake, feel free to edit any page or use the comment field. To edit a page you need to have a user account at Aalto university. If you don't have one, please contact us (, and we will find a way to get you involved.