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Educative escape room puzzle box

Team members: William Skog, Lukas Wulff, Niklas Jänkälä

 Goal of the project

The goal is to create an escape room puzzle box with intuitive educational aspects. The first puzzle would be to input 8 bit values from various numerical systems as binary values. The user would be given for example a hexadecimal value on a display and would input the converted binary value to the device in the form of pressing buttons connected to LEDs. When a LED is on, this resembles a 1 from the binary value. There are 8 LEDs and 8 buttons. When the first stage is completed, a QR-code would be shown on the screen that would give the user the credentials for a wireless network broadcasted by the device. The user is then redirected to a webserver hosted on the device, prompting the user to solve another puzzle that involves rotating the box in a specific sequence. The box would be equipped with an accelerometer to sense the orientation of the device.

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