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The purpose of this Wiki is to support the development and documentation of digital teaching tools at Aalto CMAT.

For any questions, please contact


Aalto CMAT Digiwiki roadmap.


What is it: CodeRunner is a free open-source question-type plug-in for Moodle that can run program code submitted by students. CodeRunner makes it also possible to write versatile automatic graders for non-programming questions.

Official documentation: The latest CodeRunner documentation is available in GitHub. The CodeRunner Question Authors' Forum is also very helpful.

CodeRunner at Aalto: List of Aalto courses using the MyCourses CodeRunner plugin

Settings for CodeRunner Quizzes

Python programming exercises with CodeRunner

Calculation exercises with CodeRunner

Excel spreadsheets with CodeRunner

Virtual laboratories

(documentation TODO)

Creating virtual laboratories with 3DVista

H5P embedding in virtual laboratories

Virtual laboratories as SCORM packages in Moodle (MyCourses)

Other teaching-related documentation

Aalto CHEM Wacom One Guide

Setting up exercise groups in MyCourses

Creating virtual tours with 3DVista (outdated)


Creative Commons License 
Unless otherwise noted, the contents in the Aalto CMAT Digiwiki are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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