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Dear Delegates,

Thank You for coming to the ISWA BEACON 2nd International Conference on Final Sinks!

Dear Speakers and Session Chairpersons, thank you very much for agreeing to speak or chair one ore more of the Plenary Sessions at the Conference.

We would also wish to extend special thanks to the Co-Organizers, TU Vienna, NTU and ISWA for allowing us this opportunity to organize the Conference in Espoo, Finland. We would also wish to extend special thanks to all Sponsors - Their support was important in our effort to bring you an interesting and well-organized Conference.

We hope that everyone has had a fruitful exchange of views and ideas for the past three days that, We are sure, will help us in one way or other to promote conference themes and topics in our countries.

We hope to see you in Taipei, Taiwan 2015!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Mr. Jukka Heiskanen, Head of the Organizing Committee

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Welcome to the 2nd International Conference on Final Sinks in the Helsinki region, Finland May 2013; You will be just in time experiencing the boom of spring with light nights turning into summer after cold and dark winter.

One of the key results of the very successful first conference on Final Sinks held in Vienna in 2010 was that we need a broader understanding and new solutions for disposal of harmful and unusable material created in production and consumption cycles. Landfills, although widely used, are only partial solutions. Thus, the second conference will address different topics regarding the handling of material flows and stocks from the perspective of waste and residuals management, with special emphasis on safe sinks for harmful materials and substances emitted and extracted from anthropogenic material cycles. The themes to be covered include safe final sinks; sources, types and composition of harmful materials; removal of harmful substances from material cycles; future needs for handling material flows and stocks to minimize harmful substances; and landfill aftercare.

The conference is intended for experts from academia, research & development institutions, administrators in the fields of waste management and environmental protection, companies with extended producer responsibility, waste management and recycling companies, consultants in the fields of waste and environmental management, insurance companies and others.

The conference will be held at Dipoli, a former student union building known for its unique architecture, situated at the very heart of the Aalto University Otaniemi campus, where science and art meet technology and business.

Looking forward to seeing you in Finland!

Sincerely Yours,

Professor Juha Kaila and
Head of the Organizing Committee Jukka Heiskanen

Aalto University 

Uusia näkökulmia kierrätykseen ja jätehuoltoon

Espoon Dipolissa on luvassa tieteellisesti korkealaatuinen tapahtuma, kun ISWA Beacon-sarjan konferenssi kokoaa suomalaiset ja kansainväliset vieraat yhteen toukokuussa." Konferenssin teemat avaavat uusia näkökulmia erityisesti kierrätykseen ja jätehuoltoon.

Lue lisää Uusiouutiset Vol. 24 (2013) 2 (pdf, 1.47 MB)) sekä JätePLUS 1/2013 (pdf, 108 kB) lehdistä.   


 02.05.2013 Final Program Available for Download! Click this link>>

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 24.04.2013 We’d like to apologize for the registration system not being available the last couple days. Thus, the system is working again!

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