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Welcome to the main page of the 22nd Energetic Particle Physics Topical Group Meeting of the International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) that will take place in Rovaniemi, Finland from 9-11th April 2019.


The general scope of the ITPA Energetic Particle Physics Topical Group is to tackle the qualitatively new physics element of ITER: dominant alpha particle heating. The group shall provide the experimental basis and the theoretical knowledge to give recommendations for both the conventional and advanced scenarios in ITER in the areas of: energetic particle driven instabilities (Alfvén waves and energetic particle modes) and their consequences for plasma heating and the first wall material; development of new fast ion, neutron, and gamma diagnostics unique to ITER; effects of non-axisymmetric magnetic fields such as field ripple, error/perturbation fields; interaction of fast ions with background magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) behaviour; neutral beam injection heating and current drive; and runaway electrons.

Chairs, organizers

Chair of Energetic Particle Physics Topical Group: Don Spong

Co-Chair of Energetic Particle Physics Topical Group: Mirko Salewski

ITER Co-Chair of Energetic Particle Physics Topical Group: Simon Pinches

Local organizer(s): Antti Snicker and Taina Kurki-Suonio

Quick info

What? ITPA meeting for Energetic Particles

When? 9-11th April, accommodation available weekend before and after

Where? In Rovaniemi, Finland. At the arctic circle, home of the Santa Claus, reindeer, auroras and so many other cool things.

How? Here is the check-list for you!

Further details? See links below, or use the page-tree on the left. 

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