Glostra - Introduction

Glostra is an interdisciplinary research group devoted to the study of strategy in an increasingly complex global environment. The research team is a combination of researchers and business executives from leading universities and Finnish companies. Currently our work focuses mainly on:

  1. Structural Causalities & Competitive Dynamics
  2. Corporate Strategy & Society
  3. Business Model Evolution

The core mission is to enhance the ways of thinking about strategy, and help business organizations acquire competitive advantage via systematic analysis of the firm - industry relationship.

Juha-Antti Lamberg, 2007

Current and Completed Projects

Web 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 - Enhancing collaboration with social software

This research project explores different possibilities how corporations, universities, research groups and libraries could use the new Web 2.0 social software tools to promote both internal and external collaboration. Organizations all over the world are experimenting on these new ways of cooperating via the web, some even converting their previous intranets into wiki-based, user-friendly platforms. The potential uses are endless, ranging from knowledge and innovation management to marketing.

The transformation of the web and how it is being used doesn't only affect corporations and business, it will ultimately also have a huge impact on the academic world. Universities and other actors in education need to adjust to the changes in the operating environment, especially the radical shifts in what and how the Net Generation student wants to study and work. Rather than viewing these new tools and phenomena as threats, universities should embrace them as opportunities to further develop and enhance their operations.

Working Paper - Shopping Center Clustering

Authors: Mattsson, Kivilahti & Airo. Work in progress, more info later as the project develops further.

Working Paper - Effects of Technological Heterogeneity on DBF Survival

Authors: Mattsson & Järvinen. Work in progress, more info later as the project develops further.

Strategic Management of Declining Industries - A Literature Review

Authors: Arbelius & Koponen (2009).

EGOS 2012

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