Topic of Dissertation University
Aapaoja AkiEnhancing value creation of construction projects through early stakeholder involvement and integrationUO
Finne MaxSevitization and solution provision of manufacturing companiesAalto
Haho PäiviLearning enablers, learning outcomes, learning paths, and their relationships in organizational learning and changeUO
Hakanen TaruCo-creation of integrated service solutions in business networksTUT
Hinkkanen JuhaEmerging Markets - Analysis of Interfirm R&D Cooperation and Performance in Russian Manufacturing CompaniesLUT
Hämäläinen MarkkoRenaissance Entrepreneurship: A Grounded Theory of Entrepreneurial RecyclingAalto
Hänninen KaiRapid productisation process: Managing an unexpected product incrementUO
Hänninen TimoInvestor Reactions to Corporate Merger and Acquisition AnnouncementsTUT
Ilmola-Sheppard LeenaIncreasing Flexibility by Environment Scanning of the Early Signs of Change in the Complex EnvironmentAalto
Juntunen JouniEnhancing organizational ambidexterity of the Finnish Defence Forces’ supply chain managementUO
Juvonen PasiLearning information technology business in a changing industry landscape - The Case of Introducing Team Entrepreneurship in Renewing Bachelor Education in Information Technology in a University of Applied SciencesLUT
Karppinen HenriReframing the relationship between service design and operations: a service engineering approachLUT
Keränen JoonaCustomer value assessment in business marketsLUT
Kokkonen KirsiFrom emerging opportunities to successful business networks – evidence from bioenergyLUT
Korhonen TuomasPerformance Measurement Dynamism in Product DevelopmentTUT
Lammassaari TimoMuutos kuntaorganisaatiossa - tapaustutkimus erään kunnan teknisestä toimialastaLUT
Majava JukkaProduct development: drivers, stakeholders, and customer representation during early developmentUO
Manninen OtsoUnderstanding Private Equity Fund Returns: Access as the Determinant of Differences between Limited Partners’ Private Equity ReturnsAalto
Mäkimattila MarttiOrganizing for Systemic Innovations – Research on Knowledge, Interaction and Organizational InterdependenciesLUT
Peltola TeroEnhancing Absorptive Capacity through Internal Collaboration with Social Media ToolsTUT
Peltonen JuhanaStrategic Management of Entrepreneurial Firms during RecessionAalto
Pirttilä MiiaThe cycle times of working capital: financial value chain methodLUT
Reen NataliaThe Pricing of Industrial ServicesÅA
Ruotsalainen RikuThe micro-to-macro problem: the generation of mobilizing frames through idea development conversationsAalto
Räisänen PekkaFire Risk and its Management in Cruise Vessel Construction ProjectsAalto
Rönkkö MikkoMethodological Myths in Management Research: Essays on Partial Least Squares and Formative MeasurementAalto
Salmela ErnoDemand-supply synchronization within environment of uncertain demand and supplyLUT
Saunila MinnaPerformance management through innovation capability in SMEsLUT
Seppälä TimoContemporary Determinants and Geographical Economy of Added Value, Cost of Inputs, and Profits in Global Supply Chains: An Empirical AnalysisAalto
Tiusanen RistoAn approach for the assessment of safety risks in automated mobile work-machine systemsTUT
Vasikainen SoiliPerformance Management of the University Education ProcessUO
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