• The focus of educational technology development projects at the CS department are guided by a steering group. The CS department's Vice head for education Petri Vuorimaa chairs the group and the head of the educational team Anni Rytkönen coordinates the meetings.
  • The Steering group has three to four faculty members. In 2023, they are senior university lecturer Arto Hellas, university lecturer Otto Seppälä, professor Jukka Suomela and university lecturer Sanna Suoranta.
  • CS IT is represented by Jaakko Kotimäki.
  • The group meets regulary to dicuss and agree on future and ongoing projects and themes included in the roadmap 2020-2024.
  • Meetings take place every 4 weeks on Thursdays at 9-10.

Previous steering groups:

  • 2022: Petri Vuorimaa, Arto Hellas, Otto Seppälä, Jukka Suomela, Sanna Suoranta, Jaakko Kotimäki
  • 2021: Petri Vuorimaa, Arto Hellas, Lauri Malmi, Otto Seppälä, Sanna Suoranta, Jaakko Kotimäki
  • 2020: Petri Vuorimaa, Lauri Malmi, Ari Korhonen, Arto Hellas, Jaakko Kotimäki
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