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Autumn 2020

What has happened

Teacher needs of technology for their teaching and needs for support:
first preparation → due to corona, speed on actions inreased with already additional solutions (exams, course chats)

based on remote teaching feedback survey and interview results in collaboration with Aalto IT and LES:

  • available for the autumn: action plan & decisions
    • large exams in exam studio (Sanna Y1 summer &autumn, additional to come)
    • course chat ( pilot) together with ITS and CS IT
  • in preparation during the autumn:
    • course discussion board (Zulip) → pilot starts period 3
    • sharing best practices: webinars on exam experiences (5.10., 30.11.) →  chat in spring 2021?
    • and Piazza (all external discussion tools) user feedback surveys in period 2

Technology support for teaching and learning in courses:
start of new projects

  • A+
    • priority in teacher support and next version release preparations, incl accessibility needs; Astra update postponed to post-release
    • prepared: development of integrations between A+ and Sisu/Salesforce
    • (if time → no time for additional development focus based on priorities in spring 2020)
  • JupyterHub:
    • decision on future support and maintenance model in collaboration with CS-IT, Aalto-IT and CSC,
    • development of support model, needs based on experiences
    • JupyterHub future as Ad hoc Task force; meeting 15.12.2020
  • course chats: pilots: 1) 2) Zulip (postponed to spring 2021)
  •  exams:
    • increased use of exam studios in large courses
    • postponed due to remote teaching: BYOD exams in lecture halls PILOTS
  • collaboration with other universities:
    • Tampere (A+: LaRST (but no SE group for LTI))
    • postponed: Helsinki (joint development)

Technology support for teaching administrative needs:
finding solutions, starting implementation

Grades to SISU (this is discussed on Aalto level in Teams)

  • finding a solution for the OSR future (=Salesforce?) and integrations to Sisu, i.e. course points to course grade and course grare registration to Sisu
    • collaboration on Aalto level for finding a harmonized solution for the whole university
    • based on Aalto-level goals and schedule; preparations for own development
    • planning the OSR end-of-lifecycle
    • prepared: A+ API development, collaboration on needs with ITS integration team
  • goal for end of 2020: the solution is designed and implementation is ongoing with enough resources for the required schedule

Technology support for life-wide learning needs:
first preparations

  • follow-up on Aalto level development for LWL needs
  • postponed: A+ development that supports Fitech, DEFA, Älyoppi needs; e.g.
    • additional login alternatives
    • course material visibility alternatives (material incl. exercises available, not possible to a) submit or b) collect points from assignments)
    • features that support follow-up on academic and fitech student proceeding

Spring 2020

2020 spring

data collecting, decision-making, setting goals

Teacher needs of technology for their teaching and needs for support

  • A+ online instructions development: Teachers' manual published
  • teacher interviews and survey concerning needs to support decision-making:
    • survey focus changed because of corona; Aalto-wide survey with LES → implemented May 2020, results June-August 2020, action suggestions to LESG 4.9.2020
    • teacher interviews based on the survey results in June → video clips on the interviews to come during the autumn, for sharing best practices
    • nationally joint survey aim January 2021
  • A+ and JupyterHub: support person model pilot with new recruits and iteration, teacher feedback
  • training based on needs and goals → A+ webinars 29.5. (spring development), June (A+ orientation for summer interns), late August (summer development, incl accessibility, recordings available in Panopto)
  • A+ training available for TA:s and summer interns

Technology support for teaching and learning in courses

  • A+ and JupyterHub in use
  • A+ responsibilities:
    • development in EDIT
    • maintenance in CS IT
    • teacher support in EDIT
  • A+ separate test environment
  • A+ containerization
  • A+ development needs prioritized with teachers via online meetings, survey and voting (minor and major) → done April-May 2020
  • A+ development priorities iterated, focus on release week 22/2020
  • examining: completely online because of corona periods 4-5
    • postponed plan and decisions for examining at the department (paper, electronic)
  • comparison of available LMS for CS needs (A+, TMC, TIM) to support decision-making → not done
  • A+ future development model: in-house and national discussion (done) → in-house decision and resources → action plan for 2020-2022: June 2020
  • summer: A+-development for increased usability
  • postponed to academic year 2020-2021: JupyterHub
    • the opportunity for a grading integration to A+was investigated on → implementation plan 2021
    • investigating the opportunities CSC would provide (done autumn 2020)

Technology support for teaching administrative needs

  • A+-TIM-pilot for visualizing student data (in Älyoppi) – PoC (documentation of needs)
  • decision on the development direction using Salesforce → postponed to autumn

Technology support for life-wide learning needs

  • Discussion about ICT-specific needs in collaboration with other universities and Älyoppi, Fitech, DEFA → there are national needs for
    • joint LMS for CS needs
  • Requirement specifications in collaboration with Fitech and other national stakeholders → there are needs for
    • platform for public course materials
    • RSS feeds on open courses for companies
    • easy & versatile login alternatives
  • postponed: system development focused on the life-wide learning needs, in cases differing from basic teaching needs
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