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Are you experienced with Jupyter and interested in helping others use it? Do you want to engage in development with the dynamic Jupyter open-source community? We are looking for a new Jupyter specialist to our EDIT team at least for the Spring term 2021! The tasks include consulting teachers and TAs in planning how to use Jupyter in their courses, and help them also during the courses. Depending on your skills and interest, the position may also include Jupyter-related development tasks. These could include development on e.g. the Jupyter frontend (JupyterLab), the Jupyter-A+ grading interface, nbgrader, JupyterHub, and more.

The position is suitable for a Master's level student with experience in using JupyterHub in studies, and it comes with a part-time workload. The workload depends on the tasks included, and can be anything between 20%-50% during the academic year, and up to 100% in the summer. The position is fixed-term, at least from January to June 2021, and the time period depends also on the tasks included. The salary is based on the CS department salary table and the number of your credits.

Tasks may include:

  • responding to teachers' and TAs questions via RT (the ticketing system - can be used via email) and Teams
  • meeting with teachers and TAs based on request via online meeting channels
  • setting up/editing the course environments based on needs
  • providing online instructions
  • Based on the above, specification and design of the next-generation Jupyter service at Aalto
  • Jupyter-related development tasks
  • Contribution to the Jupyter open-source community
  • an onboarding for the scope together with the current support persons

Thet tasks can be done remotely/online, and during the office week (we don't expect you to work at weekends) - as is suitable for you as secondary to your studies.

Skills needed

  • technical skills:
    • preferably, JupyterHub should be familiar; at least JupyterLab / Notebooks.  Serving as a TA in a JupyterHub-based course is sufficient.
    • online communication tools, such as Teams, Zoom
    • for the development tasks: excellent Python knowledge (or ability to quickly learn), and everything else can be learned on the job.
    • additionally for development tasks; Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, and Python should be familiar.
  • what else is needed:
    • very good oral and written skills at least in English; Finnish is an advantage
    • proactive approach in contacting teachers
    • you will benefit from previous experience as a TA in courses which have used Jupyter

Are you interested? Apply by sending an email to with your study record and short motivation letter on why you would suit the position! Apply until 13.12. - and note, that we may contact suitable candidates already earlier! Feel free to ask for additional information via Teams or email (

  • about the tasks included in the position from the current support person Joakim Järvinen, and
  • about general issues from the supervisor and team manager Anni Rytkönen, and
  • about Jupyter development, Richard Darst.
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