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Requests for course instances!

Do you need an instance for your course in A+ or JupyterHub? Do you need a Zulip chat for your course? Please use Requests for course instances


  • online instructions:
  • training:
    • orientation to new teachers and TAs in online meetings
    • training for technical TAs in courses
  • request course instances: use the Requests for course instances
  • support:
    • (on daily basis during Mon-Fri office hours followed together in EDIT and CS IT) 
    • remember to tell the course name, instance and repo URL in the message - providing all the background information makes it easier for us to come with responses
    • URGENT questions (e.g. if the exam is about to start and there seems to be a technical issue)? Use the label TIME-CRITICAL in the subject field of your email message! We aim at reacting to these issues asap (Mon-Fri office hours).
    • Complex questions? Feel free to suggest an online meeting! In complex needs it is easier to solve the issues in a discussion
  • Discussion:
    • join the Teams team A+ support channel for teachers in Aalto Teams (Aalto external users; send us an email to aplusguru, and we'll add you there!)
    • join the CS department Teams team Aalto Computer Science and there the channels Educational technology and Events (only for CS department staff)
  • follow what's going on
    • Join the mailing list by sending an email to aplusguru
    • follow the changes in this wiki (log in → click on the "Watch" icon in the upper right corner and choose what you want to watch)
    • read the CS news weekly newsletter
    • join the release webinars
    • follow Github
  • Influence on A+ future at Aalto:


Zulip (these instructions apply for spring 2021, and will be edited after that)

Other technologies needed or used in teaching, and asking for ideas

  • contact EDIT team leader Anni Rytkönen by email (, phone (0504155301) or a calendar invitation!

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