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EDIT Roadmap: 2020 → 2021


  • in the spring 2020 remote teaching feedback survey, teachers expressed as the nr 1 challenge in remote teaching the changes in communication with students - the perceptions were that there had been less communication, with fewer students or there had been challenges in the communication. Also the tools provided for the needs were not perceived as supportive for the needs.
  • Aalto has provided Teams as the primary online discussion tool for teaching and learning needs. It does not satisfy all needs and users.
  • Some teachers (at CS and other departments) use external discussion tools (Piazza, Slack, Zulip) in their teaching, because they provide features perceived as useful for the needs. Still, the external solutions are not always GDPR-compliant and some students have complained about using them.
  • Some teachers at the CS, PHYS and MATH departments have asked for a discussion tool with LaTeX support


Additional GDPR-compliant solutions for online discussion needs in teaching and learning need to be found for the academic year 2020-2021. The project is split into subprojects:

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