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First, read the basic instructions on using the exam studio concept at EXAM old page

You can use A+ exercises in the exam studio exams. Below you'll find instructions for the implementation alternatives.

We have a separate A+ server for the EXAM system:

  • The firewall blocks access to this server from outside the EXAM classrooms.
  • Teachers may access the server anywhere by using the proxy server
  • Using tentit-proxy.cs requires SSH access to it. Request it from
  • tentit-proxy.cs uses SSH keys for authentication. Your SSH key must be enabled in your account settings in If you don't have any SSH key yet, read instructions for creating a key and adding it to GitLab. If you already have a key, ensure that its public counterpart has been added to
  • To set up the proxy after gaining SSH access to tentit-proxy.cs, add this configuration to your $HOME/.ssh/config file (in Linux) (change your correct user name):
# proxy for tentit.cs
Host tentit-proxy
  DynamicForward 9998

Then, in Firefox network settings, enable SOCKS5 proxy with host "localhost" and port 9998. If you install and set up the Firefox addon FoxyProxy, then you only need to change the network settings once. You don't normally want to direct all of your traffic through the SOCKS proxy. In FoxyProxy, you would only direct the domain "" through the SOCKS proxy. You start the SOCKS proxy by running "ssh tentit-proxy" in the terminal. If the proxy is not active, then the web browser should show an error that the proxy server is not responding when it tries to access it.

If you use a Windows computer, it is still possible to use SOCKS proxies in Firefox. You can download the SSH client called Putty.exe and set up the SOCKS proxy with these instructions. Read also instructions on how to generate and set up SSH keys with Putty.

You must log in to A+ at once before you can be added to a course as a teacher or as an assistant.

When you use A+ with EXAM, you can either

  1. use the same A+ exercises for every student
    1. you can create one question in EXAM and add a link to the A+ course in it.
  2. randomly select A+ exercises from a pool for each student.
    1. you should make A+ exercise pages for each exercises, that is to say, one A+ exercise page can contain only one exercise. You can make A+ chapters in RST and only add one exercise in each chapter. Create an EXAM question for each exercise in the pool and add a link to one A+ exercise in each EXAM question. EXAM draws questions randomly for the student and each EXAM question maps to one A+ exercise.
    2. When you use random questions in EXAM (option 2), you must use the setting "view content to: enrollment audience" in the A+ course settings. The student needs to access individual exercises before they have enrolled in the A+ course for the first time, and thus, the exercise must be first visible without enrollment. The student can then enroll in the exercise page.
    3. Notice that students are still able to open other exercises in A+ even if EXAM did not randomly assign those exercises to the student. The student can browse the A+ course pages without restrictions.


Whenever you use A+ in exams, pay attention to the correct opening times. The A+ course should be open for the duration of the exam (course opening and closing times), the enrollment should be open likewise and the A+ course module that contains the exercises must be open as well.

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