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The Educational technology and integration team (EDIT)

  • Provides support for teachers in using educational technology
  • Develops own technology for subject-specific, educational needs
  • Integrates Aalto and third party systems to the existing infrastructure

On this page, you will find general descriptions on the services.

Technology needs in teaching

Online instructions

Questions and discussion

  • Ideas and questions for the EDIT team, including all services: Please use the mailing list for all email contacts. This way we all are able to see all the messages and reply to them. Additionally, this way we increase the awareness within the team of what is going on.
  • A+ support and discussion: New support channel address TBA!
  • Jupyter support and discussion: Teams ( –> Teams)  JupyterHub support Q&A for all questions and discussion needs concerning using JupyterHub. Here you'll find the collegial community and can discuss any issues concerning your teaching.

Live meets

  • Come and meet us at A145
  • Workshops and teacher cafés for Spring term 2020 to be announced
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