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EDIT: Educational technology development and integration team at the Department of Computer Science, Aalto University

This wiki serves in two information sharing needs: for teachers @the CS department, and for EDIT team internal needs. Log in to learn more.

What is A+?


  1. There will be a service break in A+ on Thursday, the 19th of December, 2019! The break starts at 14.00 and ends at the latest at 18.00. During the break, A+ (including RST tools, the grader and all microservices) is out of use.
  2. A+ support and development personnel are on holidays between 23rd of December, 2019 and 6th of January, 2020. The mailing list will be followed for urgent needs on January 2-3, 2020.
  3. Support for teachers with courses starting in Spring 2020 is provided especially in December from the 9th until the service break on the 19th of December. Please use the mailing list address or come and visit us in the CS building room A134.
    Note: Important announcements are posted to the email list You may join the list by sending a request to You may leave the list yourself by going to and then press  Options >  General > Distribution Groups > open this group and press leave.

The break serves for version updates for A+ in whole. List of additional features (text may be still edited further):

  • Several updates to questionnaire exercises
    • Checkbox questions may give some points (less than max) for partially correct answers.
    • Checkbox questions may include neutral choices that are neither correct nor wrong.
    • New random question type that randomly selects a subset of all defined checkbox choices.
    • Random questionnaires using the pick_randomly option have been fixed (they used to be quite broken).
    • Random questions may be frozen for a student or they may change after each submission attempt. This is decided by a new setting.
    • Questionnaire model answers may be hidden with new settings. They used to be always enabled. (There are two different cases: model answer may be revealed after the deadline or it may be revealed in the submission feedback after consuming all attempts.)
    • Hints in textual question may be targeted with regular expressions.
    • New text question type that gives feedback on the difference between the answer and (multiple) model solutions. For example, if the student answers "cat" and the correct answer is "car", the hint would show the difference "ca-".
    • Other minor changes and fixes.
  • A+ all results page has a new layout and you can filter the contents. The page is much more usable and useful compared to the past.
  • Fixes in the a-plus-rst-tools
    • The exercise instructions may be written in RST in the submit directive. Previously, they could only be defined in the linked YAML file.
    • Links to chapter (RST files) work better in multilingual courses and in courses that use nested directories under the module directories.
    • Pick-any and pick-one questions in (normal, non-feedback) questionnaires now require that correct choices are marked in RST. Previously, any choice was correct if no correct choices were marked.
    • YAML files built by the a-plus-rst-tools do not contain YAML syntax errors any more.
    • Questionnaire directive supports the title option. (The title is visible in the course table of contents.)
    • Questionnaire directive may compute the exercise max points automatically from the question points so that the max points do not need to set in the directive arguments.
  • Details of the changes will be described in the CHANGELOG that will be added to the git repositories later (a-plus, mooc-gader, and a-plus-rst-tools).

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