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A+ SERVICE BREAK for version upgrade!

The A+ version upgrade 1.9 will be done during a service break in A+ ( on Monday 21st of June 2021 between 9-18! The break starts at 9.00 and ends at the latest at 18.00 (may end even earlier). During the break, A+ and the grader are out of use. The users are informed when the break is over via this page and via the mailing list

The release schedule

The process which precedes the service break is as follows:

  • The release candidate has been published 26.5.2021
  • The test environment at has been upgraded 27.5.2021
  • The mailing list has been informed about the minus.cs upgrade and the features are available for testing. Comments are welcome to the page Aplus version 19 test feedback where the observations are visible for all users
  • Release notes are published on this page; scroll down to see them
  • Some minor modifications may still be done during June based on test observations.
  • Remember to request for your Autumn 2021 course instance preferably in May-June!
  • The EDIT team members will be on summer holidays mostly in July (dates not fixed yet)
  • Teachers will be reminded about the service break and when it is over on 21.6.2021 via the mailing list

We will provide an A+ development webinar on Friday 4.6. at 9.00-11.00 in Zoom - welcome! The webinar topics are presented on the page Aplus development webinar 4.6.2021

List of servers being down on 21.6.2021

The following servers are offline during the service break.

  • (new domain will be activated)

The A+ and MOOC-Grader virtual machines will be replaced with the new container deployment in Kubernetes!

After 24.5.2021, you may run the A+ release candidate locally in your computer with Docker if you want to test it that way. You just need to change the images in the docker-compose.yml file in your course git repository. The release candidate image tags are shown below. The images will be sometimes updated and you can update your local copy with docker pull, e.g., docker pull apluslms/run-aplus-front:1.9. You may also log into the minus.cs server with Aalto accounts and test A+ there without running anything locally.

If you want to run A+ containers for the development version (git master branch) before the release candidate tags have been released, you may clone the a-plus and mooc-grader git repositories from and mount the source code directories into the containers in the docker-compose.yml file of your course git repo. There are detailed instructions in the A+ orientation page under the title "A+ local development setup".

A+ RC in docker-compose.yml
    image: apluslms/run-mooc-grader:1.9
    image: apluslms/run-aplus-front:1.9

Release notes A+ version 1.9, June 2021

Brief summary of the most notable changes, in addition to smaller fixes and enhancements:

  • Refactoring the results table for better efficiency.
  • Course teachers can now be edited in the course settings.
  • New API endpoint for presenting exercises in tree format.
  • Support for Haka login from external organizations. Users from other organizations cannot access courses that are marked for internal use only. Users are still reminded in UI, that in most cases (open univeristy, FItech, etc.) user should always use Aalto account, so that the results can be registered.
  • The browsable API now contains documentation for all available operations of each endpoint.
  • Course instances can now be cloned partially by choosing individual parts (e.g. exercises) to be left out of the clone.
  • Exercises now indicate the allowed group sizes.
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