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The deployment schedule is as follows

  • deployed at testing site on Wed 17.8.2022. Course staff may test their courses on the new A+ version there. If you can not find your course on minus.cs, contact
  • deployment to production (, and during a service break on Tuesday 23.8.2022 at 9-12 (the service break was finished at 11:32 o'clock and the systems were brought online)
  • deployment at exam environment after the Y1 course exam period and assessment (ca early October?)

Release contents

Release notes


Docker container images for local testing

In the docker-compose.yml file in your course (git repo), you may update the container images. Change the tag to 1.16.

  • apluslms/run-aplus-front:1.16
  • apluslms/run-mooc-grader:1.16
  • apluslms/run-gitmanager:1.16

Patch v1.16.1

A small patch v1.16.1 was deployed to on Thursday 25.8.2022 in the afternoon. The patch fixed an issue in course assignments that depend on custom browser JavaScript code.

Patch v1.16.2

A small patch v1.16.2 was deployed to on Tuesday 6.9.2022 around 8:40 a.m. The patch fixed an issue in checkbox questions under questionnaires when there are multiple checkbox choices in the same question.

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