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Summer 2023 development aims at a release in August 2023

Development projects during summer 2023

  • Astra-LTI migration
    • instructions for teachers using Astra
    • LTI-dev (in case something remains to be done)
      • Tool: person responsible: Markus, other persons: Markku, Pasi, Jan-Mikael
      • Platform: person responsible: Pasi, other participants: Eerik, Markku (Markus), possibly Tommi (Ari's TA)
  • A+ performance
    • measurements: from thesis to A+ production.
      • person responsible: Jimmy, other participants: Pasi
    • A+ improvements: from thesis to production: person responsible: Tuomas, other participants: Markku, Pasi
  • A+ (add link to milestone): participants: Eerik, Markku, Pasi
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