• improvements
  • collecting teachers' needs for the whole academic year
  • projects for student sw developers

For developers (unordered, so far):

  1.  LTI (Pasi 1)
  2. external tool integrations with needs for cyber security review, gate documents and updates in the privacy policy (Anni)
    • emotion tracker
    • neuvontajono and koodisäilö? especially if neuvontajono will be used via MC in the future
  3. first priority A+ related issues
    1. pull requests are still waiting for the finalization: (Markku et al)
    2. recently via the A+ feedback form from a student, a known issue on repeating unread messages notification: (Jimmy 1)
    3. Jussi aplusguru request: randomized checkbox questions in questionnaires should provide more control over the random choice groups: (Jimmy 2)
    4. email list to teachers: updating the email list manually can be a chore. Should A+ have an email feature that picks all teachers from active courses? (note: Tuomas has created an A+ page with all current teachers) → a mailman-list? (Jasso)
    5. Jutut bug issues from Juha Sorva (after version upgrade in September 2023) - urgent to fix during early autumn (Jimmy 3)
    6. personalized exercises feature 1: must change the exercise instance generation phase so that no manual work from admins (Markku) is needed. Suggestion: change the implementation so that exercise instance files are read from the course git repo. Then, no "generation" is really needed and the teacher can freely control the instance files in the git repo. The platform does not need to know how the exercise instance files have been created. (Pasi 2)
    7. Neuvontajono/Lab queue and Koodisäilö/Code vault: maintenance and security (Teemu?)
      1. some of the libraries (npm packages) have known critical security vulnerabilities, e.g.,
      2. updating the libraries may be a very small task, but if some API has changed, the code changes may require a bit more time. The new version needs to be tested too before it may be deployed to production.
  4. second priority A+ related issues
    1. new A-plus issues from Tuomas related to his cache revamp
    2. new issues suggested by Tuomas
    3. Jutut new issues/ideas suggested by Ella
  5. onboarding and sharing information together EDIT & CS-IT

Possible A+ related projects for student interns during the academic year 2023-2024:

  • personalized exercises feature 2: teacher should be able to test all the exercise alternatives prior to showing them to students → could this be a separate project for a student developer?
  • A+-Exam-examining related needs (if any; need to return to this)
  • Accessibility improvements case by case - for example,
  • A+ student perspective: could even include collecting students' needs, documenting them, prioritizing them + implementing one by one
  • "any A+ related development suitable for a student intern"
  • Jutut development issue by issue
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