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There will be a service break in A+ ( on Monday 15th June 2020 between 9-18! The break starts at 9.00 and ends at the latest at 18.00 (may end even earlier). During the break, A+ and the grader are out of use.

The users are informed when the break is over via this page and via the mailing list

Other news summer 2020:

  • In addition to the stable production environment used for teaching, there will be a secondary environment used for development testing needs and new course material testing at (not yet available, but will soon be) The aim is that new features are first published in minus.cs, also available for teachers' testing. In addition, when teachers develop their course material, the new material can be tested in minus.cs before publishing at plus.cs
  • The release of new versions of A+ are separated from version upgrades; first, the new versions are released, and published at minus.cs, and plus.cs will be upgraded 1-3 weeks after the release
  • The responsibility for the server maintenance and version upgrades is moved from EDIT team to CS IT. We appreciate the collaboration!
  • Teacher support and training during spring 2020 and especially the Force Majeure situation and remote teaching:
    • email support:
    • Online instructions: (address to be published here)
    • A webinar presenting the spring 2020 development projects will be given on Friday 29th May at 9.30-11.30 in Zoom, join url
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