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  1. Must be done; if not, re-prioritize something else
  2. Should be done; if not, must be postponed
  3. Nice to be done; if not, can be dropped
TimeP.Estimated workloadStatusTopicResponsibleOther participants
Spring 2020 (Jan-May 2020)

1major taskongoing, ready in May

Test environment(s) needed for a) teachers for testing their course contents in identical environment to production, before updating the production environment, and b) A+ development needs (, Automated data copying from production with anonymisation

  1. Add HAKA
  2. Install MOOC-Grader and add Kubernetes script and permissions
  3. Implement anonymisation and DB copy scripts
Markku (manager; this needs to be done in collaboration with CS IT)Markus
1major tasknot started (schedule: May)

Preparations for release candidate (publication of code main version) for week 22/2020

  • Changelog
  • release announcements (public and internal)
  • "testing" in test environment
  • accepting pull requests
1major taskongoing

Development of teacher instructions for A+:

  • wiki-type documentation in one place
  • demo course in Aalto A+, including better description of the RST indexes and toctrees, common RST syntax, better instructions and examples of developing Scala and Python programming exercises
JhosimarMarkku, Anni
1major taskongoing - delayed (bigger workload than estimated, new dl end of June)

Quick solution for the instability of the mooc-grader grading (submissions may wait for ever for the grading results since the delivery may fail and the grader does not retry): is easy mass regrading the best solution to circumvent this? (

a) view listing all "problems" with javascript pressing resubmit per submission - 10d

b) grader posts to background (celery) and teacher button / automation - 20-30d

x) side track: Markus should look into container termination, grade script doesn't seem to be called, which means killed containers do not produce info to A+

JaakkoMarkku, (Jaakko wants to check with Teemu L. if it is OK to change some grader interface used by the git exercise created by Teemu)
1major taskongoing (Eng in GH, Fin in Trello, preparations schedule May, after release reprioritized)

Creating, sorting and prioritizing Github issues (Trello migration)

  • include preparing summer intern tasks (for 5 interns)
    • EXAM A+ backend Veera
    • EXAM A+ UI / Saara
    • A+ pisteet, end-of-course / Ella
    • Accessibility / Matthew
    • A+ interfaces, API / Henrik


Markku, Jaakko
1major taskongoing

A+ API issues needed by the IntelliJ plugin (for Programming 1) (implementation)

MarkkuIntelliJ interns
postponedminor taskpostponed (Jupyter) to (summer) autumn

A+ API issues needed by

  • Jupyter: designed in summer? and implemented in autumn
  • (NOT needed for Futurice - what is needed is an RSS feed by fitech)
MarkkuRichard, Joakim, others needed?
1minor taskstuckSecurity noticeAnni (for CS)


LES, lawyer (Aalto level responsibility)

1minor taskongoingapluslms contributing guide (for pull requests) (maintainers, style guide, pr stuff etc) and style guide prepared for summer internsJaakkothe whole team
?minor (has not been much)ongoing; future model waits for ChosunSupport and maintenance for Chosun university courses using Aalto A+ (within CIMO 2019-2020)Markku (for the concrete support needed)SG (for the future; LauriM responsible for the future contract)
postponedminor tasknot started → postpone to Junemod_astra moodle update checkMarkku(consult Juha M/ITS if needed)
postponedminorstarted → postponed to JuneAdditional containers for C++MarkkuTerhi /Tampere
ongoingFinalise presentation maker prototype (the project will end 31.5.2020)JuusoMarkku (minor)
finished /expected stateShepherd.QQ (Deployment containers)Jaakko, MikkoH/CS IT (Workflow engine)
postponed to summer / architecture design


A+ misc minor improvements and unit tests for theseVesa (not working at Aalto anymore)Markku
ongoing - delayed → workload large, must be postponed to summerreview&test&fix&merge old pull requests (Juhos, Vesas, Rikus etc)MarkkuJaakko?
ongoingWatermarking for plagiarism detectionTommy J.Jaakko for technical help,
Archie for project management
ongoing, in the waiting list →  delayed, to be postponed
  • Remove the old chroot sandbox interface from the MOOC-grader.
  • Remove the unused personal directory feature (settings.ENABLE_PERSONAL_DIRECTORIES); don't confuse this with the personalized exercises feature that is still needed.
  • Upgrade Django to 2.2
JhosimarMarkku, (Jaakko)
ongoingPrototyping on new python-grader-utilsLeoJaakko
PR waiting for JaakkoPrototype of visualizing students' time consumption in Programming 1 under MOOC-jutut

Riku (not working at Aalto anymore)

Jaakko knows MOOC-jutut well
3averagenot started → postponed

Accounting via grafana

  • request counts per day per course instance
  • grading time consuption per instance
  • other metrics?
Release candidate week 22/2020 → service break around Midsummer
Summer 2020 (Jun-Aug 2020)1

 Preparations for the version upgrade (EDIT part - the interface between EDIT and CS IT tasks needs to be agreed on)

  • testing the release
  • fixing known issues
  • planning the dates
    • minus.cs week 23/2020, plus.cs service break 15.6.2020 at 9-18
  • informing users (email, wiki page Aplus Service break summer 2020)
  • list of relevant changes (add to the above wiki page)
MarkkuJhosimar, Anni

Service break for version upgrade (CS IT part - the interface between EDIT and CS IT tasks needs to be agreed on)CS ITMarkku

mod_astra moodle update fixesMarkku

Additional containers (if not done in spring)Markku

Further development on A+ electronic exams2 summer


Analytics and visualizations of course data as well (end of course stuff)Ella

Visualisation for students' progression and performance

A+ grader API | A+ CMS API | or what is most important


ShepherdJaakko architecture designJaakko, Rage

Grader v2 designing (should this be postponed, can it?)Jaakko, Rage?
Autumn 2020 (Sep-Dec 2020)1

Cloud deployment / containerization of A+ and MOOC-grader virtual machinesMaster's thesis of Markus Murhu

Finalise summer interns' codeMarkku

Design 2021 spring roadmap planning


Integration with official study registries: OSR, Aalto service platform, SISU


Develop performance testing


Preparations for release

  • Changelog
  • release announcements (public and internal)
  • testing in test environment

Electronic examining (as a development project)

Chosun collaboration


Improve the assistant queuing system: needs for both live and online tutorial sessions; number of students has increased and there could be over 100 students in the queue. Sometimes multiple physical classrooms are used at the same time.

  • Design new workflows for queuing and for the teaching assistant working in the session
  • Student's language preference and allocating assistants that can speak the language (fi/sv/en).
  • Collaborate with Teemu S. (the original developer of the queue system) if he has ideas
  • existing queue system:

Release aim week 50
Spring 20211

Integration with official study registries: OSR, Aalto service platform, SISUSISU will launch in autumn 2021 at Aalto

Deployment of Shepherd and Roman

a) HAKA login in A+ so that any HAKA organization could be used

b) if new headless LMS can implement this in same time frame, then do it there

Grader v2: new grader architecture

Summer 2021

New Scala grader utils

Autumn 2021

Removal of sensitive user data (GDPR) (mostly automated removal so that it does not require a lot of manual labour)

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